Is Sims 4 Decor to the Max worth it?

The Sims 4 has many expansion packs including the cheapest and smallest option of kits. One such kit is Decor to the Max, which promises to enhance your versatile building experience in your game.

What is included in the Sims 4 Decor to the Max set?

The Sims 4 Decor to the Max Kit Pack is intended to be an extension of your existing build/purchase items. There are no clothing items or game features. Due to the nature of the kit, there are only a few inclusions. We have listed everything in the package below.

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Furniture & Decor

  • Truly fearless paneling, truly fearless paneling, and much more truly fearless paneling
    • These are all the same wall coverings, but each suits different wall heights. Comes in twelve color options.
  • circle of infinity
    • An artful piece of wall decor available in nine color options.
  • Panels of Self Mirror
    • Several jagged mirror pieces make a great wall decor piece. Comes in nine different colors that serve as the backlight for the mirror.
  • collage of personality
    • Grouping of framed photos and various wall decoration pieces. Comes in nine color options.
  • Bold Indulgence hall table
    • Decorative console table in nine color patterns.
  • A balanced place for coffee
    • Simple glass coffee table with metal legs. Comes in nine different colors to choose from.
  • A royal stand
    • Simple but elegant side table with a glass top. Comes with twelve different colors to choose from.
  • Warm chromatic fireplace
    • Simple fireplace with some detailed designs on the inside. Comes in twelve color choices.
  • Plush bold rug
    • Medium sized rug featuring three patterns and four color fields.
  • The maximalist’s dream sofa
    • A boldly designed sofa with three different styles, each with four color options.
  • Magnificent throne for everyday use
    • An eclectic armchair with a round, swivel design. Comes in three styles, each with four swatches.
  • The luxurious outfit
    • An artistic room divider that is available in nine different colours.
  • Edge of Elegance Lamp
    • Large, overhanging lamp with nine different color fields.
  • explosion of the lamp
    • A versatile chandelier with twelve colors to choose from.
  • Stately plumage sculpture
    • Luxurious statue of an elegant bird. Available in twelve different colors.
  • Geometric giraffes
    • Small table giraffe decor. Has twelve different color options.

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walls, floors, doors and windows

  • The tiger is stalking tonight
    • Wallpaper of tigers in eclectic style. Has twelve color choices.
  • geo and logic
    • A versatile geometric wallpaper with twelve color options.
  • Birds and flowers in hand
    • Elegant floral wallpaper with twelve color panels.
  • triangulate
    • Geometric tile floor with twelve colors to choose from.
  • Fancy Craze A-Amaze
    • Geometric tile flooring with twelve color options to choose from.
  • No doors or windows in this kit.

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Is Sims 4 Decor to the Max worth buying?

Overall, we think it is worth buying this kit for the price of five dollars if you are someone who likes this interior style and builds a lot in the game. If you prefer quieter interior styles or spend most of your time in Create-a-Sim, this kit probably isn’t worth it.

advantages Disadvantages
Contains many colors for each item. Does not include windows or doors.
The interior style is unique, but also fits well with the game. The style can be a bit cartoonish for players who play in more suburban savegames.
Only costs five dollars. As it’s a kit, it’s unlikely to go on sale any time soon if you’re willing to wait for a seasonal sale.

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