Is the World Economic Forum hiring unvaccinated pilots to fly elites to Davos?


The World Economic Forum hired unvaccinated pilots to transport the rich and powerful to the annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland in January 2023.



Both COVID-19 vaccines and the World Economic Forum (WEF) are lightning rods for conspiracy theorists. In recent years, the WEF – an annual gathering of wealthy and powerful business and political leaders – has become regular a central figure in conspiracies about a global elite secretly restructuring society in their favour.

These so-called “Great Reset” conspiracies often include Claims about the COVID-19 pandemic as a tool for the elite to exercise their control. In this context, claims about the vaccination status of pilots transporting WEF participants went viral in the days leading up to the official opening of the WEF on January 16, 2023.

Serving the belief that these “elites” know more about the supposed dangers and evils of COVID-19 vaccination, several anti-vaccine groups began making claims that wealthy WEF attendees needed or had requested unvaccinated pilots for their safety . The alleged reason? An unfounded claim that vaccinated pilots are at higher risk of heart complications compared to unvaccinated pilots and therefore risk “dying suddenly” mid-flight.

The unfounded claim that vaccinated airline pilots have a higher risk of dropping dead is one central claim Animation of a group of commercial pilots called the “US Freedom Flyers”. Snopes investigated similar claims in July and October 2021 and found them unfounded. The claim that wealthy elites were demanding unvaccinated pilots for Davos, in this case, comes from an interview with Alan Dana, a former commercial pilot, shared on Infowars:

In this interviewDana reiterated second-hand information allegedly from US Freedom Flyers founder Josh Loder:

Former Jetstar pilot Alan Dana claimed the wealthy were looking for unvaccinated pilots to fly their private jets. Dana said Josh Yoder, the head [of] the US Freedom Flyers, … receives requests from elites interested in hiring unvaccinated pilots for their business trips.

This quote made headlines in similarly shady conspiracy channels, suggesting that the WEF itself was looking for these pilots. For example, conspiracy peddler NewsPunch a Story with the headline: “WEF hires unvaccinated pilots to fly them to Davos”, which claimed that the founder and chairman of the WEF “Klaus Schwab … banned vaccinated pilots because of the safety risk they pose … members to be transported to and from Davos.”

Loder, on Twitter, denied ever hinted that the WEF was looking for these pilots. Instead, he said that “wealthy businessmen have approached me to find” unvaccinated pilots to fly them to Davos. This claim is completely unprovable and comes from an activist who regularly advertises conspiracy theorist while suggesting that Anthony Fauci is a Nazi-.

Because the WEF is not seeking unvaccinated pilots, and because the alleged source of this claim has specifically denied that interpretation, the headline about WEF’s preference for unvaccinated pilots is “wrong”.


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