Is Toby Crenshaw the Alaska Daily Killer?

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Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Season 1 of Alaska Daily on ABC.

Was Gloria Nanmac’s (Mamie Eva Cecilia Pete) killer, hiding in plain sight the whole time Alaska Daily? Ace reporter Eileen (Hilary Swank) is determined to find an answer to the unsolved mystery of the ABC series, which recently returned with new episodes after a winter hiatus.

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The series follows Eileen, a disgraced reporter who tries to rebuild her career on the newsroom of the Alaskan Daily. Eileen quickly becomes involved in the case of Gloria, an Indigenous woman who was found dead after being missing for several years before Eileen moved to Alaska.

So what does this guy from Toby Crenshaw have to do with Gloria’s case again? Let’s recap.

Roz (Dove of Mercy)
Source: ABC

Eileen’s colleague Roz is determined to solve Gloria’s case as well.

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Who is Toby Crenshaw on Alaska Daily? (SPOILER)

It was Toby who invited Gloria to the party she disappeared from in the first place, Eileen and her fellow reporter Roz (Grace Dove) find out after researching Gloria’s life.

Of course, that makes him a prime suspect. They go to question him, determined to uncover the truth.

Roz gets straight to the point and asks Toby if he murdered Gloria Alaska Daily Season 1, Episode 2. Toby denies it. He admits that he knew Gloria was going to an afterparty that night and that she called Toby to pick her up from the afterparty.

However, he refused that night; Toby was still angry about an argument he had with Gloria. However, it turns out that Toby didn’t tell the two reporters all the straight facts.

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Toby Crenshaw is Brandon Alexis’ debut acting role.

Toby, played by newcomer Brandon Alexis (according to his IMDB Page, this is his first acting role!), is arrested after his DNA is found from a sample taken from Gloria’s body. However, the Alaska Daily The Season 1 Episode 9 Preview reveals the aftermath of Eileen and Roz’s feverish search for the truth.

When Toby reveals that he “had no choice” but to confess after hours of police interrogation, Roz wonders, horrified, “Did we just play a role in the rush to sentencing?”

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After all, it was Roz and Eileen who pushed for the DNA test in the first place, leading police straight back to Toby when he was initially cleared of suspicion. Even the title of the episode itself, “Rush to Judgment,” is a clue pointing to Toby’s innocence.

(L-R) Eileen (Hilary Swank) and Roz (Grace Dove)
Source: ABC

Eileen and Roz listen at the press conference announcing Toby’s arrest.

But if Toby didn’t murder Gloria, then who did? At this point, Eileen and Roz need to clear Toby’s case first, to make sure an innocent person doesn’t get hurt in their quest for the truth (well, he definitely did after he was arrested, especially when he’s actually innocent.)

So what will happen next? Get the news when new episodes of Alaska Daily Premieres every Thursday night on ABC at 10 p.m. EST. Is Toby Crenshaw the Alaska Daily Killer?

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