Is Trinity really one of The Matrix Resurrections?

“He is the only one” is a saying that all fans of The Matrix will be familiar with.

However, the arrival of a new installment in the Lana and Lilly Wachowskis sci-fi action series has encouraged audiences to rethink all they know about the series.

It’s been 18 long years since the trilogy ended with The Matrix Revolutions. As the years went by, fans began to lose hope of another work that reinstated their favorite characters for another adventure.

However, it can be said that the revival is definitely something that audiences get in this latest sequel.

Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss reprise the iconic roles of Neo and Trinity, respectively. Indeed, it’s great to see them back on the big screen, but with them comes a pressing question. Is Trinity really the person from The Matrix?


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Is Trinity the Person of the Resurrection Matrix?

The fourth film reveals that there is technically not One but Two, as both Neo and Trinity combined are what was prophesied in Matrix lore to be The One.

This eerie detail came into focus when the couple had no choice but to jump from a roof. Instead of rushing to their deaths, Trinity suddenly began to fly and dragged Neo to safety.

Flight is a superpower that only One can possess up to this point – apart from machines or programs – so it is heavily implied that Trinity is also the prophesied one.

This is further bolstered by her knowledge of how the Matrix works and the fact that the Analyst (played by Neil Patrick Harris) essentially needs both for the simulation to work.

They are confined within the Matrix and close to each other in reality because they have a deep connection to each other, harboring a power between them unlike any other.

Now, does this make sense in retrospect?

The revival of the matrix | Official Trailer 2 | HBO Max



The revival of the matrix | Official Trailer 2 | HBO Max





Neo and Trinity’s Fate

When you realize that both of these main characters are One, you might wonder if this makes sense when revisiting the trilogy.

Indeed, there are allegedly scattered indications that this is the case.

Firstly, it is necessary to admit that even Neo himself believes that he is not such a person. Second, and more importantly, Oracle was also unconvinced, although this was before he and Trinity solidified their relationship.

Love is a hugely popular theme in the trilogy, and you could argue that it’s only when their love is put to the ultimate test that the two can truly reach their full potential. make up the Matrix in their own image, which is what they say they’ll do at the end of Revival.

“I was really blown away”

While chatting with Guardians, Carrie-Anne admits that she never thought another part would happen.

Considering the fate of Trinity during the Revolutions, such suspicions are justified. However, she recalls how she felt when she read the first script of Resurrections.

“When me, Lana, Keanu and a few others sat together to read it for the first time, I thought, ‘What is this going to be like? How will she do this? ‘ It was something I never imagined, and I was really blown away.”

Hopefully, the audience will too.

The Matrix Resurrections is currently showing in theaters and on HBO Max.

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