It’s Space Horror Time in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Spock (Ethan Peck) and Pike (Anson Mount)


Spock (Ethan Peck) and Pike (Anson Mount)

By many standards, Episode 8 of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds was a bit of an outlier. It may have been enjoyed by the cast and crew – and especially the wardrobe team of “The Elysian Kingdom‘ but for some fans it was a waste of time.

By scrolling through the comments Heavy from Star Trek’s Facebook pageone can “read” the room from the disappointment of “The Elysian Kingdom”.

“I’ve loved this show so far, but this was the first completely horrible episode from start to finish,” said one fan.

“I absolutely hated this episode,” said another Trek fan. “Makes me cringe. I still love the series.”

“I’m enjoying the series, but I literally couldn’t finish this episode,” said another fan.

While these are just some of the opinions shared publicly, it might just be a small glimpse of what Trek fans felt overall. In a way, The Elysian Kingdom followed in the footsteps of many Star Trek episodes from the past. Including the classic “Next Generation” storyQ-Pid‘ in which the crew of the Enterprise lived out the Robin Hood fantasy. The godlike Q (John de Lancie) made this scenario believable.

‘Q Pid’

Picard vs. Q at Sherwood – HD (TNG, S04 E20)Here we are with another Star Trek, The Next Generation clip! This is from the famous Season 4 episode “Q-pid”: Vash is aboard the Enterprise and Q joins in to turn the situation into comedic chaos. Picard (Robin Hood) and the senior officers are taken to a Sherwood forest where they…2021-07-11T09:45:32Z

This and other holodeck episodes allowed the TNG writers to step out of the Trek storyline and experiment. Otherwise fans would never have seen Patrick Stewart dressed up like this Errol Flynn era of Robin Hood. And who knows one of the most important lines of Lt. Forgetting Worf: “I am NOT a merry man!” Without “Q-Pid” and similar episodes, viewers would never know the glory of Worf smashing Geordi’s lute.

Nevertheless, fantasy episodes like “Q-Pid” or Voyagers “Bride of Chaotica!” are fondly remembered by many fans.

But for Episode 9 of Strange New Worlds, fans seem to be venturing into a different genre. Instead of fantasies, the Enterprise crew must confront a threat from the shadows. Similar to the classic action movies Alien, Aliens, and Predator, it looks like Captain Pike (Anson Mount) and his team are about to encounter an aggressive alien species. Star Trek will dip into an episode of Space Horror.

Teaser trailer for All Who Wander.

TRAILER PROMO S01 E09 – Star Trek Strange New Worlds – 4K (UHD) CLIP – TRAILER 1X09 – 1.09TRAILER PROMO S01 E09 – Star Trek Strange New Worlds – 4K (UHD) CLIP – TRAILER 1X09 – 1.09 #startrek #startrekstrangenewworlds #strangenewworlds2022-06-24T23:31:26Z

Thanks a Paramount+ preview trailer, fans can take a look at what’s in store for the crew. The trailer is dismantled as follows:

The Enterprise received a message from Starfleet Command to investigate a distress call from the USS Peregrine. When the Enterprise arrived at the planet from which the signal originated (think of an ice world, as in “Starship Enterprise (2009)” or “Reich strikes back‘), they found the Peregrine resting on the surface.

Apparently, Spock (Ethan Peck), Uhura (Celia Rose Gooding), La’an Noonien-Singh (Christina Chong), Pike and the rest of the landing party discover a log entry from a captain aboard the Peregrine. This record states that they “found infected castaways. Stay away.”

If Pike and the others heeded that warning, there would be no story. So Samuel Kirk (Dan Jeannotte) and the rest slowly explore the crashed ship. What they find inside is unclear, except that it must be so creepy like Gre’thor. Anything that makes Spock cry out in horror must be serious.

This episode looks at what can go wrong when exploring the world. to quote dr Leonard McCoyKarl Urban, “Space is sickness and danger shrouded in darkness and silence.” Typically, these dangers are not part of Trek stories, as most visits to Class M planets do not require special protective gear or EV suits. This All Who Wander episode proves that space is still dangerous.


Star Trek Voyager – S3E12 – MacrocosmJayneway with a big gun2008-11-27T08:07:05Z

While the threat aboard the Peregrine may feel new and frightening, it’s interesting to compare what is known about “All Those Who Wander” to the classic “Voyager” episode – “Macrocosm”. This story also featured an alien invasion aboard a spaceship. But instead of getting a pat on the back – like in the “All Those Who Wander” teaser – the crew was infected with a gigantic virus.

In the end, Captain Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) herself was the only one who could stop these horrible creatures. When they transformed into large, winged creatures, Janeway used a phaser rifle to destroy them. At the same time, the Doctor (Robert Picardo) was working on a vaccine. Anyone who says “heebie jeebies‘ from the sound of buzzing insects should avoid ‘Macrocosm’.

It is interesting to note that the USS Peregrine appears to be a Constitution-class ship in this episode. Later that Peregrine would be a separate class of small combat spacecraft and was a part of the classic DS9 episode “sacrifice of angels.”

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