Jordan Douglas Krah: 5 quick facts you need to know

Jordan Douglas Krah

San Ramon Police

Jordan Douglas Krah

Jordan Douglas Krah is a man from Denver, Colorado charged by the San Ramon Police Department of hate crimes following a confrontation with two TikTok creators at an In-N-Out burger joint.

In a press release dated December 26, 2022San Ramon Police Department Lt. Tami Williams wrote that on Saturday, December 24, 2022, an adult male and female of “Asian descent” filmed a TikTok video at the In-N-Out Burger at 2270 San Ramon Valley Boulevard, San Ramon.”

During the meal, “a male suspect approached the victims unprovoked and committed homophobic and racist slurs, causing the victims to fear for their safety,” the press release said.

You can watch the video later in this article, but be aware that the language in it is disturbing.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Krah “started spouting racial slurs and threatening us,” wrote one of the people in the video

Shared the Twitter page @ahreenkim The video on Twitter captioned, “My boyfriend and I were eating at In-N-Out in San Ramon when a man started hurling racial slurs and threatening us.” The caption didn’t use Krah’s name, though he was later charged by the San Ramon Police Department being the man making racist comments in the video. Your Linktree page gives her name as Arine Kim.

According to ABC News, Kim’s boyfriend’s name is Elliot Ha, and both are of Korean descent. She is 20 years old, ABC News reported.

The video starts with the two friends talking about eating ‘light well’ fries when a male voice said, ‘Are you filming yourselves eating? You guys are weird homosexuals.”

In the video, Kim looked shocked while Ha laughed. Ha said he wanted to eat his fries in peace and asked if the man’s comments were made “because I’m ethnic.”

“Are you Japanese or Korean?” the male voice from the off says in the video.

Ha says he is Korean. “Yes, you are Korean. That’s what I thought. Kim Jong-un’s boyfriend, huh?” the man Police say Krah was said.

“We met each other,” joked Ha.

“Did you have gay sex with him?” the man asked. Then he said, “Man, I could spit in your face,” addressing Filipinos.

At this point in the video, Kim expressed fear of being attacked, and Ha commented, “Only in San Ramon.”

The man stuck by and said, “I’m a slave owner, you fucking shit.” shows the Twitter video.

Kim tries to return to the original video context. “Anyway, you can try the fries,” she says.

Someone asks if Ha and Kim are “good”.

Ha says in the video“I’m relaxing. This isn’t in the name of holiday cheer. Someone wasn’t in all the reindeer games.”

Kim says the man is still staring at her. “Anyway, light fries…” she says in the video.

2. The San Ramon police chief took to social media after becoming aware of the video, his office says

“San Ramon Police Chief Denton Carlson became aware of the widely circulated video and turned to social media accounts to identify the victims and suspect.” according to the police press release.

“Following contact with the victims, a criminal investigation was launched by San Ramon Police Detectives.” says the publication.

On Monday afternoon, December 26, 2022, San Ramon police officers found and arrested “Jordan Douglas Krah, a 40-year-old resident of Denver, Colorado.” according to publication.

“Mr. Krah was committed to Martinez Detention Center on two counts of PC 422.6; committing a hate crime,” said the publication. ABC News reports that Krah posted bail and was released from custody.

Carlson shared video of a man in a silver Mustang on his Twitter page.

“Through the help of social media, we were contacted by one of the people in this video. The photo below was taken this morning when the male pictured was exhibiting similar behavior.” he wrote. “If you recognize this person, let us know!”

The San Ramon Police Department “ strives to make sure everyone in our community feels safe and welcome. We will continue to take swift and diligent legal action against acts of hate to help create an inclusive place to live, work and visit for all.” according to the police press release.

3. Kim believed her life was in danger, she told ABC News in an interview

Kim told ABC News She “actually felt like my life was in danger and I wasn’t sure I was going to be coming home that day.”

Kim wrote on Twitter“Thank you for everyone’s support and thanks to @DentonLCarlson and @SanRamonPolice for taking this situation seriously and addressing this matter quickly.”

The post is marked San Ramon Police Department and Chief Denton Carlson.

Kim told ABC News that she wants to help other people who experience discrimination by saying: “It happens to other people every day and they don’t have a chance to talk about it.”

4. Krah is also accused of a second racist rant on Christmas morning

Police arrest a man accused of hate crimes at the In-N-OutA man accused of racist abuse in an In-N-Out has been arrested. Subscribe to FOX 11 Los Angeles: Watch FOX 11 Los Angeles live: FOX 11 delivers breaking news, live events, undercover investigations, car chases by the Police, True Crime Records and Business News, Celebrities and Entertainment on Good Day LA (GDLA) and local…2022-12-27T06:52:02Z

According to ABC7There is a second charge against Krah, who is accused of yelling at a woman named Abigail Halili and her siblings on Christmas morning in Danville, California.

“We heard a guy who was parked in his car yelling out his window and saying, ‘Go ahead, you have to get away from this store, ‘You were the people who smashed and robbed these stores’.” Halili told ABC7which reported that the man’s comments “turned racist and included an obscene hand gesture.”

“We didn’t know what to do and he kept saying, ‘You guys are Filipino idiots. They’re probably selling cocaine. You are traders,’” Halili told ABC7.

ABC7 reports that the man in this video is the same man in the In-N-Out Burger video.

5. Krah has criminal cases pending in Denver, Colorado

According to Denver7Krah has two pending criminal cases in Colorado.

The Denver Police Department charged him with assault on Nov. 18, 2022, Denver7 reported. According to Denver7Police charged Krah with “deliberately ramming and pinning (a) victim between the car and the wall” along the 1700 block of Bassett Street in Denver.

He was also charged with “first degree assault with a deadly weapon in connection with a domestic violence case”. Denver7 reports.

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