Kail Lowry angers fans after sponsoring Christmas lists

Kailyn Lowry gets into the Christmas spirit

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Kailyn Lowry gets into the Christmas spirit

Teen Mom 2 alumna Kailyn Lowry is spreading a little Christmas spirit of her own this holiday season. The reality star accepted Instagram stories yesterday with an opportunity for fans who need a little help this year.

Lowry, along with her son Lux, told fans, “We’d like to fulfill two Amazon Christmas lists for your kids,” when Kux interrupts and says, “Period girl, say it again!” Lowry went on to provide a lengthy explanation, saying: “So this year I fulfilled a family’s Christmas list from the ‘Barely Famous’ podcast and I want to sponsor two more families who are in need and just need a little help getting their Christmas gifts for their kids this year.” Barely Famous is one of many podcasts hosted by Lowry.

While Lowry has already received wishlist requests and selected the two families she will sponsor this holiday season, a fan posted a recording of their bid on a Reddit message board, and the reaction from fans was very mixed.

Check out the Instagram story below and find out why fans are upset with Lowry.

Fans think Kailyn Lowry only sponsors families for ‘The Clout’

A fan shared Lowry’s story Redditwho captioned the post: “Say honestly what you want, that’s sweet of her,” and fans took the opportunity to speak out in the comments, with many disagreeing that Lowry’s motivations were pure.

“People do this all the time (some people even help out indiscriminately year-round). Most people don’t send it to who they can and don’t need credit for it,” one fan wrote.

“There is absolutely no reason to post this on all social media. Many people take on family sponsorships during the holidays without needing the resulting clout. It’s not really ‘cute’ if she just did it for the likes and to promote her stupid podcast,” wrote another fan.

Despite many comments claiming that Lowry only posted this story for attention, she also had a ton of support, with several fans defending her in the comments section.

“Anyone who disagrees is a Grinch!!! There was a post [elsewhere on Reddit recently where] A mom posted that she made a thrifty profit because she was able to spend $5 on each of her 4 children to get them gifts from Dollar Tree. So I only spent $20 and as great as the gifts she put together were/are, it still made me sad that the $20 was probably hard to use for gifts and she’s probably missing out on something she could use for needs himself,” one fan said in Lowry’s defence: “Don’t improve a child’s memories of themselves or of Kail. I don’t like them, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like children, poor people or Christmas.”

“It’s disingenuous to judge someone’s good deed like that, nobody wins a medal for it and we all do it essentially to make ourselves feel good,” added another fan, addressing Lowry’s naysayers.

Fans are finding more reason to believe Lowry secretly gave birth to baby number 5

Amid this Amazon Wishlist controversy, some fans are still searching for possible evidence of a current fan theory that Lowry has not only been hiding a pregnancy from the public, but has secretly given birth to a fifth child and is waiting to be known admit. While Lowry has previously denied pregnancy rumors, that hasn’t stopped fans from searching for “proof” in each of her social media posts. This time, the “proof” comes in the form of a supposed nursing bra.

“Well, she’s just chilling in a nursing bra. I know because I’m breastfeeding,” one fan wrote.

“I had my baby a few days ago and I’m a lot less swollen all over and I’m also chilling in my nursing bra and messy hair 👀,” commented another fan.

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