Kailyn Lowry sparks fan debate for saying it would be ‘strange’ if a man paid her bills

Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry

Award-winning podcast host Kailyn Lowry got fans talking after her March 7 episode “Baby Mamas No Drama.”

Award-winning podcast host Kailyn Lowry sparked a heated debate among fans after she said she would feel uncomfortable having a partner help her pay her bills. Lowry made the confession on March 7 episode from her”Baby Mamas No Drama” Podcast that won several awards at the 2022 People’s Choice Awards.

The topic came up when Lowry, 31, and her co-host – Vee Rivera31 — spoke to their guest, the social media influencer, about child support Chris GQ Perry, 34

Perry said in one of his social media videos that when a man takes care of a woman, she will “blossom” in her womanhood. But Lowry didn’t know if that would happen to her if she had a financially equal partner.

“I think I have a hard time in my relationships accepting a man who provides and protects and does all of those things,” Lowry said about 22 minutes into the episode. “I pay 100% of the bills at home, and I pay all my kids, and it would be very odd for me to be with someone who does those things.”

Perry asked Lowry how she was doing being the main breadwinner in their relationships.

“I felt like I wasn’t in control of anything. I think that’s where the childhood trauma comes in,” she continued. “I grew up very, very poor. Now that I have money, it’s mine. I own it.”

Lowry would be concerned if she had a partner who wanted to split the bills. “I feel like if someone walked in and took that off my plate, it would feel like I didn’t have anything of my own,” she said. “I feel like if someone else paid for my stuff, it wouldn’t be mine.”

Baby Mamas No Drama was launched in 2020. Rivera, who is married to Lowry’s ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera, started out as a rival. Lowry and Rivera welcomed their first child, 13-year-old Isaac, when they were in high school. Vee Rivera and Jo Rivera began dating in 2011 when Isaac was a baby and married in 2017.

“We got off to a rocky start – from hating co-parenting,” her bio on “Baby Mamas No Drama” podcast says. “From a podcast to a shared office, we have an incredible story; a story where people can resonate with the struggles and pain and be inspired by success.”

Lowry and her ex-husband Javi Marroquin were married from 2012 to 2017. During their marriage, they welcomed a son, 8-year-old Lincoln.

Lowry then moved on with her ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez, with whom she shares two children: 5-year-old Lux ​​and 2-year-old Creed.

Lowry is currently dating her boyfriend Elijah Scott.

Fans argued about the comment

Lowry’s comment that she felt “weird” about sharing the bills with her partner turned out to be a polarizing statement for fans. A post about Lowry’s comment received more than 500 reactions and over 500 comments on Heavy on Teen Mom’s Facebook page.

“I totally get what she meant,” was one of the most popular comments Heavy on Teen Mom Facebook site. “I was a single mother for so long and had to do everything on my own.”

But not everyone agreed. “So basically she doesn’t want a man to be a man and be a provider like he should be,” read another top comment on the site. “I now understand a lot better why their relationships aren’t working!”

A third person wrote that the conversation fans were having was weird. “Some of these comments are weird,” they said. “I know she was pregnant when she was 16, but she’s not a teenager anymore.”

Lowry appeared in the second season of 16 and Pregnant in 2010. She was promoted to Teen Mom 2 and continued to star in the series until she retired in May 2022.

“I want to focus on my personal growth and my kids and I no longer felt like the show was aligned with my goals,” she said E! News. “I’ve decided it’s time for me to move on.”

Lowry is building her podcasting career

Since leaving Teen Mom, Lowry has wanted to be known as something other than an MTV reality TV star.

“I really wanted to focus on making a name for myself outside of television, and I wanted to be recognized for something other than ‘teen mom,'” she said People. “So it was really hard for people to accept me as anything other than a teenage mom. I think that was one of the bigger challenges for me.”

Lowry has launched three podcasts: Baby Mamas No Drama, Coffee Convos and Barely Famous.

In September 2021, she launched the KILLR Podcast Network, a vertical of PodcastOne. KILLR Podcast Network is a way for Lowry to mentor other podcasters, she told People.

https://heavy.com/entertainment/teen-mom/kailyn-lowry-weird-bills-paid-boyfriend/ Kailyn Lowry sparks fan debate for saying it would be ‘strange’ if a man paid her bills

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