Kathy Griffin says Kanye West’s “controlling” approach to wife Bianca “reeks of abuse”

Kathy Griffin comes hot with a reality check Kanye WestHeadline-grabbing trips with Bianca Censori!

In a lengthy video posted to her social media accounts on Thursday, the comedian took a moment to express her thoughts on the rapper’s interactions with his wife. And there were many!

The couple – who are not actually legally married – make their way through Europe, causing a stir every time they leave the hotel – and especially because of the Kim Kardashian Lack of clothing of the doppelganger. Then there was the NSFW boat ride in Italy. And the list goes on and on and on…

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Well, this all becomes VERY problematic if you ask Kathy! Kathy acknowledged that she “might get in trouble for this video” as it could lead to “a lot of bros coming at her,” and began by sharing the following:

“It’s easy to make fun of Kanye. I mean, I made fun of him in my performance because he’s crazy and crazy and does all these things, but when I see these photos, where [Bianca’s] In tights and not even a bandeau top, it’s really just about being see-through and stuff. First of all I think she has a great body, of course I would kill for that body so that’s not the point, but she has a body almost identical to Kim.”

Based on what she saw online, Kathy claimed:

“I actually believe he may be physically abusing her, and at least I 100% believe he is psychologically abusing her.”

She further recalled an incident in which her late brother Ken, who allegedly physically abused his wife and girlfriend, “locked” his wife out of the house after showering when “she was completely naked” “because he wanted to humiliate her.” She continued:

“So when I see this woman who has no voice, we haven’t heard a word from her, I read that she has a master’s degree in architecture from a university in Australia. She’s beautiful, she doesn’t seem to have a voice at all, she’s not on social media. I don’t know if he doesn’t let her talk, but I just think she’s walking around with him and he’s basically covered in a burqa, covered in scarves and clothes.”

It’s a glaring difference!!! During their most recent sighting in Italy, Ye literally paraded his nearly naked significant other in front of a crowd of loud fans while everyone took photos. By now his entire body – including his head and face – was completely covered. It definitely feels a little gross!

Addressing the incident in Italy where it appeared Bianca was “doing a service” to her husband, Kathy continued:

“When they were in Italy and he had her drop to her knees and perform a ‘service’ and we saw his bare bottom – even though we knew there were paparazzi photographers everywhere and people with just cell phone cameras – that stinks to me Abuse.”

One argument against this is that there were “similar photos” with Kimmy Kakes back then, but the 62-year-old said the main difference is that Bianca isn’t “selling” anything! The model, on the other hand, often wore her own brand, SKIMS, which meant she benefited from media attention. It is a innersting Point…

We know Bianca told her friends to “fuck off” after they expressed concerns about the marriage. Per Daily Mail According to sources, her inner circle said her main goal was always to become famous. If that’s all, she Really interested, then maybe she’s okay with it if she doesn’t benefit from the sightings in the same way that Kim does. Still… it doesn’t necessarily make it right.

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Kathy further pointed out that at one point the 28-year-old stepped out with a pillow on her chest, which she said may have been Bianca’s attempt to cover up and regain some control for a moment.

The couple then went to Germany – which also proved problematic! The pulp Fiction Alum noted:

“There’s a video of them walking down a flight of stairs to go to this fashion show and he doesn’t hold her hand, he doesn’t help her, and that’s why… I don’t know her, I’ll never meet her. It just seems like something a really controlling, abusive guy would do.”

Whoa… Hear her fully break down her thoughts (below):

Many fans completely agreed with her and replied:

“I totally agree with you, Kathy. The whole situation with Kanye and Bianca is very strange and unfortunately makes me feel that way too, and because he’s so rich and famous I really don’t know how he could realistically be stopped.”

“Kanye has a God complex and is living out a kind of domination fantasy with her.”

“I’ve been saying this for months…she seems to be a cult member and he’s the cult leader.”

“If you see something, say something.blankblankblank

“When I see her in the nude outfits, I always feel like he’s trying to erase her while at the same time having her as a trophy. I’m not sure how to explain it, but her identity is under attack.”

“She is collateral damage in his obsession with controlling Kim. He tortures her because he can’t control Kim.”

“I think you did it right. I support women who wear whatever they want. But her whole vibe doesn’t feel like “I’m women, hear me roar.” It’s weird. He’s strange. We know he is capable of threats and violence. He did it with Kim and Pete [Davidson]. And the fact that she looks exactly like Kim is no coincidence either.”

“Many, many people seem to agree. From what little I’ve heard about it, most people think there’s something very wrong. Something scary.”

“That makes so much sense, Kathy. So much damn sense. Wow.”

What do YOU ​​think, Perezcious readers? Sound off your thoughts on this topic in the comments (below)…

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