Lakers threat dominates Kyrie Irving Nets trade options

Kyrie Irving, Brooklyn Nets


Kyrie Irving, Brooklyn Nets

The consequences from the canceled KD-Kyrie Brooklyn Victory Tour are still being calculated.

If Messrs. Durant, Irving and Harden were once immortalized in a statue, which would be called Mount Flushmore. (I’m here all week; try the veal.)

Much work remains to be done before a final judgment can be made on the reduction and resumption of Nets cords. Most striking in this regard is what Brooklyn can get in return for Kevin Durant following his commercial request. When one of the best players in hoop history has a four-year contract available, clubs will be more willing to part ways because they know they will have him for what has passed as a record. in the NBA today.

The process will largely have GM Sean Marks sit back and wait for the winner of the bidding war for his superstar.

Marks will have a much harder time finding a home – and a good return – for Kyrie Irving.

Even taking into account that Irving is under contract this season, the market for his talented player will be quite active. But that’s not the case here.

According to league sources who have been involved in the situation over the past few weeks, any Irving transaction will need an innovative structure to work for both teams.

Then there’s simply the “Kyrie Factor,” and all of the waiter’s weirdness and uncertainty is part of that package.

One general manager said: “The Nets couldn’t count on Kyrie showing up – and they were the team he CHOOSE to join. What if he went somewhere other than the Lakers or someone else he could decide to like at the time?

“I could easily see him being somewhere he didn’t want to be and invent ways to miss games. I mean, he wouldn’t want to waste his minutes and risk himself when he’s just sitting back and waiting for LA (Lakers) when the season is over. If you were the coach and you put him on the ring, could you trust or trust that he was invested in helping your team win? No [expletive] Street.”

Ben Simmons’ New Nets Challenge

Schadenfreude is running deep and strong with some kind of Philadelphia. The Sixer folks who feel burned by Ben Simmons are enjoying the moment – at least until the Nets get back to trading with Durant.

“Unless Brooklyn gets back the main talent for KD – not just a bunch of first-round picks and some pocket-sized players, but serious talent that could be star now – Ben will lose his footing,” a source told Heavy. “When he trades there, he will be with KD and Kyrie. Those are two boys who will do things that Ben can’t… or doesn’t want to. They will be doing the outside shoots and absorbing the main pressure of having to excel in the knockout stages. If he ever plays with them, all Ben has to do to succeed is play well defensively and keep the ball moving.

“Depending on what Brooklyn gets in return for KD, it could all be thanks to Ben this year. And it will be even worse than (in Philadelphia) when he has Joel (Embiid).”

There is information on this website that sources indicate that Simmons’ problems with the 76ers were increasing because he was activated there – a charge that some of those involved have acknowledged in recent reports. conversation here. Simmons certainly had issues with Daryl Morey following the latter’s hire (Morey was said to be trying to transfer Simmons to James Harden long before that deal went down), but the way he essentially left the club Last season’s set was annoying for him as well. teammates and others in the organization.

Agents working for NBA teams

The negotiating games are ongoing, according to a source from the Eastern Conference office. Create that “game”. Quotation marks are needed.

“You get agents and try to do deals for their people, and they are ignoring these suggestions,” he said. “You always want to have a good relationship with the agents, because you don’t want anything to get in the way if you’re trying to make a deal. But the important thing is that you can’t love it when they ask you to help someone and say or imply that they will owe you or that they will work with you for someone else.

“That never really worked. The team was never really paid back for that. You’ve given up something you don’t necessarily want, whether it’s how much you want to pay or the number of years or even just putting a minimal guy on your list. And sometimes it can seriously hurt you when you’re trying to make another move months later.”

The team is contractually bound by a written agreement. “But they can cut and run,” the executive said of the agents. “And what they leave behind when they wake up is carnage, which is a cautionary tale for the rest of us about going to bed with the agents.

“I keep telling you that, every time you solidify an agent as if it will come back to you, you are kidding yourself. An agent’s job is not to keep you steady. An agent’s job is to make his customers solid. They don’t care about your organization, your activities. He cares about his customers – as he should. And if he sacrifices a dollar or a single client benefit for any of us, he’s not doing his job for his client and deserves to be fired.” Lakers threat dominates Kyrie Irving Nets trade options

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