League of Legends (LoL) 12.10 patch notes and maintenance schedule

The League of Legends (LoL) 12.10 patch is releasing today after performing maintenance on all regional servers.

The full patch notes for the next LoL update have already been shared, meaning we know what’s next for the popular F2P game.

One of the biggest changes coming with Patch 12.10 is Champion Durability, which affects all characters.

And that’s not to mention the flood of new skins and themes being added to the game as part of the next update. Here’s everything you need to know about the maintenance schedule for this week’s update LoL 12.10 patch.

League of Legends | Everything That Ever Will Be: Bel’Veth Theatrical Trailer



League of Legends | Everything That Ever Will Be: Bel’Veth Theatrical Trailer






League of Legends 12.10 Patch Notes & Maintenance Time

Riot Games has confirmed that maintenance for the release of the LoL 12.10 patch will begin on Wednesday, May 25, 2022 at 3:00 p.m. PT. Ranked queues will be disabled at 1:30pm PT in preparation for Patch 12.10, with servers expected to be down for at least three hours. This means the NA servers should be back online by 6:00am PT that same day. In the meantime, these are the times for some of the other regions affected by the launch of the LoL 12.10 patch:

EUNEOn 25/05/2022 00:30 BST, ranked queues will be disabled in preparation for the patch deployment on 25/05/2022 02:00 BST.

EUWStarting 05/25/2022 03:30 BST, ranked queues will be disabled in preparation for patch 12.10. On 25/05/2022 05:00 BST the servers will be shut down and all currently running matches will end in a draw and stats will not be recorded. We estimate that the battlegrounds will be unavailable for 3 hours.

League of Legends 12.10 patch notes

Below you can read the highlights of today’s League of Legends patch notes and what to expect after today’s update goes live:

Durability base stat pack

  • All champions receive the following durability base stat pack.
    POOR LOST SOUL Thresh gains an adjusted durability base stat pack (see champion details)
    Heals, Shields, Conservation, and Serious Wounds
  • A big takeaway here is that our goal is NOT to nerf sustain. Since each champion uses sustain differently, some will become stronger and others weaker with the update. However, we will be monitoring these changes very closely as they roll out and will make adjustments as necessary.
  • Since increasing durability means healing, shields, and sustain are becoming more important to everyone, we’re nerfing those systems accordingly with roughly equal weighting. Similarly, in this patch we’re also nerfing Painful Wounds to keep it in balance with healing, so its power is roughly the same as before. These changes apply to all parts of the game, including champions, items, runes, summoner spells, and targets.
    HEAL Reduced by ~10% earlier in the game ~28% later in the game (varies by champion)
    SHIELD Reduced by ~10%
    OMNIVAMP reduced by ~10%
    HEAVY WOUNDS 40% reduced healing ⇒ 30% reduced
    EMPOWERED HEAVY WOUNDS 60% reduced ⇒ 50% reduced
    Proactive advanced combat nerfs
    With these updates, you can expect the fights to last a little longer. The goal is not to make games longer, but to weaken some systems (Sunfire Aegis, Moonstone Regenerator, Demonic Embrace and Conditioning) that could dominate the game if not activated (League of Cleavers anyone?). We don’t want to pre-nerf potential OP champions for this patch, but we’re confident that these systems would skew item and rune selection if left unenabled.

Skins and Chromas

  • High Noon Sion
  • High Noon Viktor
  • High Noon Samira
  • High Noon Tahm Kench
  • High Noon Twitch


  • CONQUEROR – OMNIVAMP 9% (melee) / 8% (ranged) ⇒ 6% (melee) / 5% (ranged)
  • SOURCE OF LIFE – ALLIES HEAL WHEN ATTACKING MARKED ENEMIES 5 (+1% of your maximum health) ⇒ 5 (+0.9% of your maximum health)
  • GRASP OF THE IMMORTAL HEAL 2% (melee) / 1.2% (ranged) ⇒ 1.7% (melee) / 1.02% (ranged) maximum health
  • DAMAGE 4% (melee) / 2.4% (ranged) ⇒ 3.5% (melee) / 2.1% (ranged) maximum health
  • GUARDIAN – SHIELD 50-130 (levels 1-18) (+15% AP) (+9% bonus health) ⇒ 45-120 (levels 1-18) (+12.5% ​​AP) (+8% bonus health)
  • NULLIFYING ORB – MAGIC DAMAGE SHIELD 40-120 (levels 1-18) (+15% bonus attack damage) (+10% AP) ⇒ 35-110 (levels 1-18) (+14% bonus attack damage) (+9% AP )
  • OVERHEAL MAX SHIELD 10 (+10% max health) ⇒ 10 (+9% max health)
  • SUMMON AERY – SHIELD 35-80 (levels 1-18) (+40% bonus attack damage) (+25% AP) ⇒ 30-75 (levels 1-18) (+35% bonus attack damage) (+22.5% AP )
  • TASTE OF BLOOD HEAL 18-35 (levels 1-18) (+20% bonus attack damage) (+10% AP) ⇒ 16-30 (levels 1-18) (+15% bonus attack damage) (+8% AP)
  • TRIUMPH HEAL 12% ⇒ 10% of your missing health

Summoner’s Spell – Barrier

  • SHIELD 115-455 ⇒ 105-411 (levels 1-18)
  • HEAL
  • HEAL 90-345 ⇒ 80-318 (levels 1-18)
  • HEAVY WOUNDS 60% ⇒ 50%
  • BEAT
  • HEAL 90 (+10% of max health) ⇒ 80 (+7.5% of max health)

Bug fixes and QOL changes

  • TOOLTIP CLEANUP: Several tooltips have been updated for consistency, clarity, and correctness!
  • SHYVANA QOL: Shyvanas Q – Twin Bite now grants a small increase in attack range, similar to other basic attack resets (like Nasus’ Q – Siphoning Strike)
  • Shyvana’s dragon form Q – Twin Bite correctly hits Inhibitors and Nexus twice
  • clothes R – Chaaaaaaarge!!! will no longer cause him to visually desync from the enemy’s perspective (finally!!!)
  • Sion can no longer knock Rift Herald back with Rift Herald E – Slayer’s Roar
  • Spirit Visage now properly boosts Omnivamp’s healing
  • Fixed a bug where Rengar was empowered Q – Wild Strike Attacking against turrets would not grant him any bonus attack speed
  • Certain crowd control immunity effects are no longer consumed by blast cones triggered by allies (Dr. Mundos Passive – Goes where he wantsMalzahars Passive – Void Shiftand morganas E – Black Shield)
  • Kog’Maws Passive – Ikathic Surprise will no longer actively proc his own Immortal Shield Bow
  • Deadly Speed ​​now procs correctly against enemy champion clones
  • Fixed a bug where Anathema’s Chains cooldown was not properly scaling with item ability haste
  • Glacial Augment is correctly replaced by First Strike on all champions that don’t have a compatible form of CC (Nidalee, why…?
  • Fixed an SFX bug where you would sometimes hear non-epic jungle monsters spawn or die even if they were in fog of war
  • Fixed an SFX bug where players would sometimes hear Hexgates being used even when not looking at them
  • Fixed a bug where Pyke’s was cast and ended W – Ghost Water Dive during an enemy nocturne R—Paranoia would remove the red tint effect from your screen
  • Fixed minor inconsistencies with Yorick W – Dark Procession and E – Mourning fog VFX
  • Fixed an issue with the Immediate Immobilization challenge where certain slows were incorrectly being applied towards progress
  • Fixed a bug in the Active Participation challenge where certain types of participation in kills were sometimes incorrectly counted toward progress

In other news, BelVeth abilities and League of Legends release date have been leaked

https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2022/05/25/league-of-legends-lol-12-10-patch-notes-maintenance-schedule/ League of Legends (LoL) 12.10 patch notes and maintenance schedule

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