Leah McSweeney says she ‘could have died’ of drug addiction.



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‘Real Housewives of New York City’ star Leah McSweeney shared some details about her previous battles with addiction and revealed how bad it eventually got to the point where she believes she would have died if her parents hadn’t taken action.

McSweeney explored and spoke to her about the ups and downs of her life in her new book, Chaos Theory page six about reviving her childhood and experimenting with drugs in the book. The TV personality wrote that she was kicked out of her house by her parents when she was 18 and if it hadn’t been for her, “she could have died”.

According to the publication, she wrote that her parents told her that after completing her third alcohol and drug rehabilitation, she would have to live in a “nun-run therapeutic community,” and wouldn’t let her come home from there. The Bravo star told Page Six in her interview that she “had resented them for years,” but continued:

When I finally got sober in 2009 and was on a 12 step program and doing all that work, I realized that if they hadn’t done that, I could have died. I wouldn’t have the life I have now so I’m so thankful for that.

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McSweeney delved into her drug addiction in her book, writing that she first used crystal meth when she was 14

The outlet stated that McSweeney wrote that she was expelled from high school in eighth grade, prompting her parents to move the family to the suburbs, but this change soon led the young teen to turn to drugs and alcohol.

McSweeney also shared in her book that she was a heavy drinker and “did any drug that anybody would give me.” The Bravo star admitted she first took crystal meth when she was 14 and felt like a “goddamn superwoman”.

She also went on multi-day bends with drugs like acid, speed, Vicodin, cocaine and Special K, the outlet said. She was couch surfing and also stayed in a transitional home during that time, but eventually decided to get sober in 2009 after experiencing a “premonition of death.”

While writing her book, McSweeney realized how crazy it was that she was starting to drink again after 10 years of sobriety

McSweeney’s journey to sobriety wasn’t without its hiccups, however, as she talked about getting back to drinking ahead of her appearance on RHONY season 12. she said page six that, looking back, she realized that “it was actually kind of crazy. I didn’t drink for 10 years and then decided to start drinking again, which was obviously shocking to my family and friends, and ended up on a TV show during that time.”

She said she tried to hide the fact that giving up her sobriety and acting normally was a big deal, but “Anyone who’s sober knows not drinking for 10 years is awesome. It’s big business.” Luckily for McSweeney, she was able to sober up and celebrated her two-year anniversary on March 31.

She continued writing on her one-year anniversary in 2021 Instagram, “365 days alcohol-free. Thank you G‑d.” She added:

I’m also often asked if I’ve been drinking because I knew I was going to be on the show since I hadn’t been drinking for almost a decade before. And the truth is, I started drinking before I knew I was going to be on RHONY.

When I found out that I would actually be on the show, I thought maybe it would be a good time to stop drinking again, but it was way too hard to stop and I wasn’t ready after I did had just started again and I wanted to “enjoy” myself.

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