List of 1v1 map codes in Fortnite (March 2022) – Best 1v1 Codes!

Ours List of Fortnite codes 1v1 Introducing the best and most popular ways to practice with other players in a structured setting! If you’re looking to improve your solo play, playing against a single player continuously is a great way to improve your muscle memory. We’ll be looking at the current top codes for Chapter 2: Season 6 of Fortnite.

1v1 maps are one of the better ways to practice for real game situations. In it, you can focus on specific aspects of the game that you’re missing. While editing and targeting courses are great for a warm-up, nothing gets you better faster than constantly competing against others. If you’re looking to see how well your game performs, check out our look at the best War Zone Codes!

List of Fortnite 1v1 maps

Here is our list of Fortnite’s best 1v1 map codes:

  • Clean Rings 1v1 / FFA: 9004-8520-0572
  • 1 v 1 Chapter 3 Weapons: 5771-9792-3669
  • 1v1s aesthetic: 3927-8422-7996
  • Pandvil Build Fights (1v1/FFA): 7555-7193-2726
  • 1v1 Mythical Combat: 2218-1990-0030
  • OG Tilt Towers 1v1: 8623-1134-1826
  • Galaxy 1v1 – Zero Delay: 0179-3963-3193
  • ICE Private 1v1: 1932-9415-6973
  • Tsar’s Realistic 1v1: 8722-5489-4768
  • Ultimate 1v1 practice battle: 0566-7238-1470
  • G6T 1v1 High FPS + Less Latency: 5872-7302-0536

Clean Ring 1v1 / FFA

This is a set of maps that follow the same scheme, but use different colors. The maps are beautiful and, as their description says, give a “Trap” feel. You are given the standard extras, such as access to the latest weapons and changing the color aura of your character. What makes this map different from the rest is that you can choose the general colors you want in the map!

  • Red map: 6993-9503-4324
  • Pink map: 9004-8520-0572
  • Purple map: 6918-1928-5986
  • Blue map: 8811-3583-7826
  • Blue map: 6542-7870-8718
  • Yellow map: 5515-3616-4704

Weapons 1v1 Chapter 3

The map is as simple as the name suggests, and that’s exactly what you want for a 1v1 in Chapter 3. Choose from Chapter 3’s selection of all weapons, jump to the middle of the board and claim it with a single player. Friend. No frills, no bells, and no whistles. Vanilla 1v1 never looked or played better.

Code: 5771-9792-3669

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Aesthtic 1v1s

If you like your 1v1 map to be more polished and don’t need fancy mechanics to enhance your gameplay, Aesthetic 1v1s is the perfect choice for you. This map was updated to include Chapter 3 weapons and you’ll find it perfect for anyone who just wants to get into some 1v1 battles and not feel overwhelmed with the choices. Simply put: This map looks great, has no lag and makes 1v1 simple and fun.

Code: 3927-8422-7996

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Pandvil Build Fights (1v1 / FFA)

This map can be called vanilla +, as it carries all the standards you would expect from a 1v1 map, but adds more functionality without making it overwhelming. The limited customization options make it possible to keep things fresh, but without having to struggle to get used to the changes. On this map you can easily switch between 1v1 and FFA and you get access to all the weapons from Chapter 3. For a little more customization you can switch between Fortnite visuals Classic or set background to make it easier or harder to spot your opponents.

Code: 7555-7193-2726

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1v1 battle myths

Mythic Fights is for those who just want to play with the best weapons. Deal maximum damage or experiment with different features with every Mythic weapon you can think of, including weapons from previous seasons. This is also a simple approach to 1v1, providing zero input lag. Starting a match is an automatic process and requires no input from the user. The only thing you need to do is change the load and reset the builds!

Code: 2218-1990-0030

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OG tilt tower 1v1

Tilted Towers is back and more intense than ever. Players who remember Leaning Tower from the first map will be pleased with this remake that pits you against other players in each section of the region. This is a 1v1 zone battle that changes your position in Tilt every round. If you and your friends have been playing Fortnite since Chapter 1, you’ll have tons of fun going head-to-head at one of the most beloved locations of the day!

Code: 8623-1134-1826

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Galaxy 1v1 – Zero Delay

Sometimes simplicity is the way to go, and this map is perfect for that. It keeps mods, matches, and designs uncomplicated and interesting, and gives players a great perspective with its starry galaxy background. This map is also perfect for players to meet, visit, take in a few rounds of practice, then enter the competition!

Code: 0179-3963-3193

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ICE Private 1v1

Here’s another simple map, but with a winter theme. Players can modify the map with fundamental changes or clear the board for a fresh start. This map has up to two players and is ideal for those of you who just want a few duels while celebrating the cold winter holidays.

Code: 1932-9415-6973

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Tsar’s Realistic 1v1

Tsar is new to the cartography community, but you would think this map was created by an experienced cartographer. It has over 10 maps to play with, and the description prides itself on the level of realism it brings to 1v1 scenarios. If you are looking for a map that has a variety of categories without getting old quickly, this is a great choice.

Code: 8722-5489-4768

1v1 ultimate practice battle

This map was originally released in 2019, but has since drawn back. It is considered to be one of the best 1v1 maps as it not only pits you against others but also offers multiple levels and challenges for two players. Compete in this game based not only on shooting, but also on all your skills in Fortnite!

Code: 0566-7238-1470

G6T 1v1 High FPS + Less Latency

The name itself may not be a selling point, but it describes the map with perfect accuracy. After testing this map, we noticed that there were no loading glitches or glitches while playing. Each player has the option to reset buildings and the map automatically resets the player’s position after each round. Best of all, if you feel like you’ve been waiting for a match for a long time, there’s a nifty matchmaking board that will automatically match you with someone else!

Code: 5872-7302-0536

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