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Returnal is a roguelike third-person shooter game set in a futuristic sci-fi setting. Armed with high-tech weapons, your mission is to shoot your way through the story. You could of course play the vanilla game. Or you could just get some mods to spice it up a bit. Below are some of the best mods for Returnal.

Top mods for Returnal

10. No cursing of keys

If you pick up a malicious key, chances are you’ll be cursed after picking it up. This mod ensures that you will not be cursed if you pick up a malicious key. It also removes the cleaning button.

9. No fog

The fog surrounding your field of view adds a nice post-FX touch to the game, but it can also be annoying for some. If you are the latter, you can use this mod to get rid of the fog. This makes the game much darker and more immersive.

8. Performance increase

In case you are having trouble running Returnal on your PC, this mod disables all non-essential settings to give you higher FPS. This disables settings like shadows, fog, and post-processing.

7. Disable TAA and chromatic aberration

If you’re not a fan of temporal antialiasing for any reason, whether it’s the effect it has on in-game lighting or simply how chromatic aberration affects your game, then you can easily turn it off with this mod. This gives you the ability to customize your settings yourself to make the game look sharper.

6. Prices halved

Are you a fan of the game but not the grind? Do you want to collect a little more money, but not everything? Well, with this mod, everything available in Returnal is half the price of what it was before. This will save you a lot more time and hassle from farming to buy better gear.

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5. Automatic EZ backup

Have you ever been in a scenario where you’re deep into the game and something happens and then suddenly you can’t log in because your save file is corrupt? Or just want to quickly share your save game with someone? This utility allows you to back up your save file to another location, which you can automate.

4. No curses from chests

Coming from the same developer as our tenth entry, this mod gets rid of those pesky curses you get when trying to open a chest. It also removes the cleaning button so you don’t have to worry about curses.

3. Free shops

Let’s say you’re completely done with the grind and just want to buy the best possible loot for your journey in order to survive. Just download this mod. It makes everything that can be purchased in the game completely free, saving you the hassle of having to save up for everything.

2. Jump while sprinting

There are many games where you can easily run a whole chain of commands to make it a little faster than it already is. Jumping when falling is one thing that was missing in Returnal. However, with this mod you can achieve this.

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1. Shoot while sprinting

Shooting while charging is one of the most fun combat mechanics in a third person shooter game. Returnal, on the other hand, prevents this by running a dashing animation after which all you can do is shoot. This mod changes that and lets you shoot at the same time as you sprint.

To install these mods, go to your returnal directory and paste them into the .Paks folder located under Content. There are many more mods for Returnal. If you want to try them, go to Nexus Mods and make your choice.

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