List of Borderlands 3 Skins – Amara, FL4K, Moze and Zane

Borderlands 3 offers users many ways to customize their Vault Hunters when playing the popular looter shooter. Users start with a default skin for their chosen Vault Hunter, but quick-change machines allow you to swap out your skins, with some options allowing movement patterns.

Our Borderlands 3 skins list offers a look at all of the full-body cosmetics that can be found, earned, or purchased in-game for Amara, FL4K, Moze, and Zane! Many of the skins in Borderlands 3 have the same names independent of Vault Hunter, but their appearance varies. Some skins also have unique titles for each character.

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Borderlands 3 skins list

Skins in Borderlands 3 change a character’s appearance, but other factors may also change depending on the Vault Hunter. When using Fl4k, your pets will change color next to the Beastmaster. If you use Moze, your mech will get a new livery after you switch skins, and Zane’s Operator machines may also look different depending on the skin. We’ve cataloged all available skins in Borderlands 3 according to the Borderlands 3 forums below.

Below is a list of all of the Sins that players can purchase for each of the game’s four Vault Hunters. Each character has access to over 50 skins and while some skins are similar, the way they transform each Vault Hunter is unique.

VIP Rewards

The following skins were given as rewards for participants in the Vault Insider Program for 3,000 points. The VIP promotion ended on May 18, 2022, making these skins unavailable. Learn more about events in Borderlands 3 here.

  • amara: Conventional repeat
  • Fl4k: Conventional repeat
  • moze: Conventional repeat
  • Zane: Conventional repeat

Missions, World/Monster Drops, Moxxi’s Slots Skins

The following skins are available through Overworld Drop and Mission rewards. Complete the main and side missions mentioned and scour the overworld if you’re a corny skin collector. Some skins drop from enemies and you may get lucky rolling the slots at Moxxi’s to get them too.

Amara skins

Fl4k skins

  • Beastmaster Skin (Default)

Moze skins

Zane skins

Universal skins

  • Atlas classic (Altlas, Finally, Story Mission)
  • Corrosive bloom (The First Vault Hunter Story Mission)
  • creature of the night (Overworld Drop)
  • ectoplasmic (Overworld Drop)
  • Extreme caution (Overworld Drop)
  • Gilded Fury (Cold as the Grave story mission)
  • Hyperion Beast (Overworld Drop)
  • Jungle Jams (Overworld Drop)
  • labradortilla (Overworld Drop)
  • Wet the flag (Overworld Drop)
  • Muddy battles (Overworld Drop)
  • gluttonous (Overworld Drop)
  • signature style (The story mission “The Great Vault”)
  • Sure, why not? (Overworld Drop)
  • Blue-Green Appeal (Overworld Drop)
  • Trippy hippie (Overworld Drop)

Crazy Earl Eridium skins

Players can purchase additional Eridium skins from the Crazy Earl’s Shop on Sanctuary III. The rarer these skins are, the more Eridium they cost. Remember that these skin unlocks only apply to the Vault Hunter you unlocked them on. If you have multiple characters, you must also purchase the skins for those characters.

Universal skins

  • amp stamp (155 Eridium)
  • Anshin Wash (120 Eridium)
  • gum bum (155 Eridium)
  • Clothed race track (155 Eridium)
  • freedom fashion (200 Eridium)
  • radio off (200 Eridium)
  • hear me roar (90 Eridium)
  • Hot Rod (120 Eridium)
  • hunting season (90 Eridium)
  • neon dreams (270 Eridium)
  • Pimp My Raider (200 Eridium)

Guardian Tier Skins

Once players complete the main story in Borderlands 3, they unlock Guardian Rank, a new type of experience that grants them points to passively boost stats in one of three trees. Once they reach a certain point in their Guardian Rank Tree, they will receive skins for their efforts.

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