Lyrics Behind Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi’s Oscar-Smash Song From ‘Don’t Look Up’

Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi can almost do it all. Not only are they award-winning artists, but both are not too bad at acting. Grande and Kid Cudi play a restless A-list couple, Riley Bina and DJ Chello in Adam McKay’s Don’t look up —A disaster movie where the world ends after being hit by a comet.

With a huge social media following, estranged lovers join forces to help raise awareness of the comet fast approaching Earth. In the film, Grande plays superstar Riley Bina on stage to perform the new single “Just Look Up”. At first listen, it’s like any other love ballad, with Grande/Riley detailing her love for her partner and the strength of their love in overcoming all obstacles on their path

Kid Cudi as DJ Chello joins Riley on stage and performs his verse, where he raps about two lovers in their final moments. However, everything changes when the Grande beings sing about the end of the world about the end of the world. She begs people to listen to “qualified scientists” and that the damage to our planet is “happening in real time”, a reference to the broader climate crisis that we’re experiencing, not just a fictional comet hitting the earth.

Newsweek There are full lyrics below:

We know there are no limits
Decreasing at the speed of sound
Overcome all odds, but soon against ourselves
You haunt every memory
No goodbye, it’s all bad for me
Your pride extinguishes the fire in our fire

Then just one look is all that is needed
I feel your eyes, they’re locked into every part of me
And then my silent heart said
Just look up
There’s nowhere to hide
True love doesn’t die
It holds tight and never lets you go
Just look up
You can’t deny the signs
What you’ve been waiting for
Don’t wait anymore
It’s right above you
Just look up

ariana grande kid cudi don't look up
Kid Cudi as DJ Chello and Ariana Grande as Riley Bina on “Don’t Look Up.”

Know I’ve let you down, a **** can’t deny it (uh-huh)
And I can lose a lot of things and, yes, that’s important (yes)
I’ve been dealing with madness (yo)
Not the man you need (hmm)
You deal with sadness, honestly, it’s all on me (hmm)
And I’m sorry, my love (uh, uh)
I’ll heal your heart, I’ll hold it in my hand (ooh, yeah)
Time is precious, now we really don’t have much (ooh)
Hold my hand, baby (yes), never leave you, Riley

Look up, what he’s really trying to say
Is to get your head off your butt
Listen to qualified scientists g**damn
We really developed it, developed it this time
So close, I can feel the intense heat
And you can act like everything is fine
But this can happen in real time
Celebrate or cry or pray, whatever is needed
To help you through the mess we made
Because tomorrow may never come

Just look up
Turn it off fox News
Because you’re going to die everyone
Oh, I, oh, I
Here it comes
I’m so glad I’m here with you forever
In your arms

When watching the performances, the audience may not know whether to laugh or cry and may even wonder if the song is legal. Yes, the song is an actual song, written specifically for the movie by Grande, composer Nicholas Britell, lyricists Taura Stinson and Scott Mescudi, aka Kid Cudi.

The song is so real, it made it to the Oscars shortlist for Best Original Song. The song goes against songs like “So we start” from Annette, “Down to Joy” from Belfast, “Guns Go Bang” from The harder it is for them to fall and “Be Alive” from King Richard.

Speaking to The Wrap, Stinson shared the song is a reflection of our world today.

“It’s kind of a timing song,” she said. You can think of it as pollution or climate change or vaccines. When I’m sitting around the holidays with my family and a mask, it’s not hard to understand. And it’s not so complicated after you turn on the news and think, ‘Oh my, did that politician just say that? “It resonated deeply with me, just the idea that our world could end because, basically, for a lot of people, that’s what happened last year. COVID is natural. jelly.”

Britell added: “It was a tough thing to end. It had to be a sincere love song and it had to really feel like a good song. It’s a comedy, but the song. It’s not a joke song – it’s a sincere song that actually happens to express this ridiculous explanation of what’s going on.”

Don’t look up streaming on Netflix The current. Lyrics Behind Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi’s Oscar-Smash Song From ‘Don’t Look Up’

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