Meaning of Manchin’s ‘No’

With seven words Sunday— “This is prohibited by this law” – Sen. Joe Manchin to Joe Biden,

Nancy Pelosi

and Chuck Schumer stumbled among the ruins of Build Back Better. But it could be argued that Manchin’s rebuff could be even bigger than that: What if Mr Manchin’s “no” threatens the entire pantheon of progressivism?

In an interview the next day with West Virginia radio, Mr. Manchin pointed to American politics and indeed its culture as enduring lessons for his stance:

“They never realized it, because they thought, ‘Sure, dear God, we can move a person – sure we can hover and beat a person, sure we can. we can have enough naysayers to make that person uncomfortable enough [that] they will just say, “I will do anything. Just quit.” ‘”

Why would a senator from West Virginia describe his experience that way – the opposition’s belief that if they threw enough force at him he would disrupt and give them what they wanted?

The short answer is: Joe Manchin was there, saw it. Like other uncountable Americans whose political backgrounds do not run to the left, he has witnessed for at least a decade that what the American left has tried to do with him has become their mode of operation. everything.

Their tactics—whether used against politicians or ordinary people—include incessant hypocrisy, the messianism of mass protests, physical intimidation, be social and ask you to just shut up and make concessions.

People wondered what the White House thought it had achieved when it released a statement on Sunday afternoon Manchin’s words “contradict” what he had told President Biden a few days earlier, essentially calling the senator a liar. Apolitical because it can strike anyone in ordinary politics (a space where Mr. Biden once lived), this promotional hominem is the leftist way of doing politics. It’s the only thing they know how to do.

Commenting on Senator Manchin’s call with her after the decision, Speaker Pramila Jayapal of the Radical House of Representatives, said “his lack of integrity is astounding”.

The left side never sleeps. Recall a few months ago, Justice Liberal Stephen Breyer was the target of a campaign to give up his seat, until he bluntly told an interviewer that he was not resigning. They came back. CNN report This week, “many Senate Democrats” said Justice Breyer “appears to have let his ego overtake him.”

Again, in that regard, the Senate confirmation hearings on Brett Kavanaugh. We can assume how lowly Senator Manchin (the only Democrat who voted to endorse Justice Kavanaugh) absorbed that strategy. It includes his Senate colleague and Kavanaugh supporter Ted Cruz and his wife who is drive from a restaurant by a group called Smash Racism DC, said: “You are not safe. We will find you”. The Build Back Better factions found Senator Kyrsten Sinema in a bathroom stall in Phoenix.

That sounds like the edge of a lunatic, until you realize the extent to which participating in the progressives’ cancellation culture has become another day at the office of many mainstream organizations. of the United States. In October, the Department of Justice announced the investigation “measure“Following complaints about parents protesting against the unilateral imposition of progressive curricula by schools.

Of course, the current strategy of killing off the competition starts on the campuses, a smart place to run experiments because so many university leaders are in the wind or themselves on board.

So in 2017, Charles Murray took off the stage at Middlebury College. The forbidden words worked, so they never stopped. In September, Massachusetts Institute of Technology uninvited University of Chicago scientist Dorian Abbott, citing his paper, “The issue of diversity on campus.”

One of the most used words in progressive vocabulary is “dialogue”, they say it is always “the important thing to have”. It’s a cover story. After endless “dialogue” with the Biden White House and congressional exit, Joe Manchin ended this: Their goal is to get you to “quit your job.”

After George Floyd was killed in May 2020, the activist group Black Lives Matter rose to capture the heights of American politics and culture. What some see as “dialogue” with their supporters about police work is in fact a strategy to disarm or disarm the police.

It worked. The police give up or avoid arrest. The near-instant urban chaos that this sudden change created now even San Francisco Mayor London Breed sounds like a second hard hat on law and order, denounce “the bull— destroyed our city.”

Earlier this week, the inevitable coda to Manchin’s decision appeared on


Bette Midler, singer, tweeted that Joe Manchin wanted “all of us” to be like West Virginia – “poor, uneducated, and destitute.”

It was inevitable that eventually a counter-revolution would begin somewhere against the political brand of progressivism — the anarchy, silence, and undue attitude of anyone who wasn’t them. or won’t join them. Whether he intended it or not, that counterrevolution may have started when Joe Manchin of West Virginia simply said no.


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