Medicine rushes to Putin’s bedside during ‘late night’ wellness session: Report

According to a Telegram social media channel, Russian President Vladimir Putin suffered a serious health problem at 1 a.m. Saturday.

General SVR channel reported that Putin, 69, suffered from “severe nausea”, the Daily Mail reported.

The notorious Russian leader sent medical staff to his hospital bed.

As reported by the Daily Mail, “Putin on the night of Friday July 22 to Saturday July 23 needed urgent medical attention.”

“Around 1 a.m., the medical staff on duty [his] residence has been convened for the president. Putin complains of severe nausea”.


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“Twenty minutes later, an additional team of doctors with the president’s participating doctors were called in.”

“It is reported that the doctors supported and stayed close to Putin for three hours, and after the president’s condition improved, they left his room.”

Russian political scientist Valery Solovey has long stated that Putin is in poor health.

“The Americans, especially the CIA, have information about the real state of health of the Russian President. They certainly know that he has serious problems, including mental ones,” Solovey said, according to the Daily Mail.

Do you think Vladimir Putin is in good health?

But other speculations about Putin’s health contrast with Solovey’s.

According to the BBC, William Burns, director of the CIA, said last weekend that Mr Putin was healthy – “too healthy” in fact – and insisted there was no intelligence to suggest that the Russian leader’s health was at present. in bad condition.

The Kremlin also weighed in on the rumors, according to the BBC.

“In recent months, so-called information ‘experts’ from Ukraine, the US and the UK have released a lot of fake information about the president’s health. But it’s just a fake,” Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said on Thursday.

Despite rumors, the General SVR Telegram channel claims that the Russian President is unlikely to appear in televised meetings next week, the Daily Mail reported.


Joe Biden just officially got his first challenger for the 2024 Democratic nomination

Instead, “deep imitation” technology will be used, or Putin-like appearance, also known as dual, which will temporarily replace the Russian leader.

Ukraine’s spy chief Kyrylo Budanov said that Mr. Putin was replaced with a double during his recent visit to Iran, multiple news agencies reported.

In an interview with Ukraine’s 1+1 news channel, Budanov, the head of Ukraine’s military intelligence service, commented on a video showing Putin getting off a plane in Tehran, Iran, according to the US newspaper The Sun. .

“Please look at the moment Putin got off the plane. Is it Putin? ” he say.

According to the BBC, the idea of ​​​​Putin being replaced with a double has been raised before.

In the early 2000s, the Russian leader said he was offered the chance to score a brace to temporarily replace him, but he stated that he rejected the idea.

But doubles were used in place of Soviet-era leaders.

Leonid Brezhnev, the former General Secretary of the Soviet Union from 1964-1982, is said to have used doubles during his time in office, according to the Daily Mail.

Joseph Stalin, the former General Secretary of the Soviet Union from 1922 to 1953, is also said to have used doubles during his rule.

Two of Stalin’s duos appeared and publicly stated that they had replaced him on many occasions.

One person, known only as “Rashid,” claimed that he filled in Stalin’s name during public appearances when the leader feared assassination.

Rashid also said that he replaced Stalin to give the impression to the public that Stalin was in good health.

Felix Dadaev also publicly stated in 2008 that he was one of Stalin’s duels.

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