Meet the cast of The Bachelorette Season 19

Gabby Windey, Jesse Palmer, Rachel Recchia


Gabby Windey, presenter Jesse Palmer and Rachel Recchia

Bachelorette host Jesse Palmer just introduced Bachelor Nation to the 32 men who will be vying for the hearts of Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia. The event took place live on TikTok on June 7, 2022 at 8 p.m. Eastern Time. It was Palmer’s first live event on TikTok and he had a lot to talk about.

Palmer first stated that Windey and Recchia would not compete for love. Instead, they will support each other. He called them “the two people who most deserve a chance to find love.”

There is a wide range of suitors to choose from this season, but there definitely seem to be some trends. First, there were virtually no blonde males in the season 19 cast. The majority of the men were very tall, very fit and very enthusiastic about sports. There were also some notable geographic crossroads, with some of the competitors hailing from California and Florida. In terms of age, the bachelors were between 23 and 36 years old.

Are you ready to meet the men?

In alphabetical order by first name, here are the men who will be filling your television screens on July 11 when The Bachelorette premieres on ABC.

Alec, 27, Houston, Texas. Alex is a wedding photographer and, according to Palmer, a “self-proclaimed lover boy.” He is looking for love but has never had a problem meeting women.

Aven, 28, San Diego, CA. Palmer described him as “sleek, elegant, handsome” but also “calm” and “quiet”. He is “great in fitness” and is also a Yahtzee Champion.

Brendan, 23, Carlsbad, CA. Brendan is a former college football player who, according to Palmer, is “mature beyond his years.” He is the youngest bachelor on the show.

Chris, 30, Redondo Beach, CA Chris is a mental health coach and published author who loves mangoes. According to Palmer, his favorite author of all time is himself.

Colin, 36, Chicago, Illinois. Colin’s last name is Farrell. Like the actor. That’s basically all Jesse Palmer was able to find out about him because he was so excited about the name.

Eric, 29, Bedminster, New Jersey. Resident mullet athlete Erich is a real estate analyst who displays “strong, calm confidence.”

Ethan, 27, New York City, NY. Ethan is one of three bachelors this season who have a gaming fetish. He is the “King of Monopoly”. To earn real money, he works as an advertising executive. He also firmly believes in signs and omens.

Hayden, 29, Tampa, FL. Palmer gushed that Hayden has an “amazing Southern accent” that is “sooooo charming.” He likes to visit Stagecoach and loves fried potatoes. Like Windey, he thinks not being a dog lover is a deal breaker.

Jacob, 27, Scottsdale, Arizona. Jacob is a mortgage broker who, according to Palmer, could rank as one of the best performances in the show’s history. Palmer also describes Jacob as having “surfer vibes.” Apparently he is quite intelligent. “Don’t let the muscles and the man bun fool you,” Palmer joked.

James, 25, Winnetka IL. Not much has been revealed about James, other than that he’s in business school and is a “meatball connoisseur.” Palmer joked that James will probably show up at a party with a drink in one hand and a meatball in the other.

Jason, 30, Santa Monica CA. Jason is an all-rounder. He is an investment banker, avid surfer and former tennis player. Palmer described him as sensitive, thoughtful, caring and gentle.

Joey, 24, Brookfield, Connecticut. Joey is a former club promoter who loves to win – he loves “to win at all costs”. He is also the identical twin of another bachelor on this season’s show, Justin Y.

John, 26, Nashville, Tennessee. John is an English teacher whom Palmer described as shy, sweet, and sincere. The host announced that John “comes out of the limousine ready to put a ring on it”; As an aside, he dresses up to go to the grocery store.

Johnny, 25, Palm Beach Gardens, FL. According to Palmer, Johnny is the epitome of the smooth talker. “He stares at women and women melt… he talks with his eyes.” Johnny is a surfer. But his childhood dream was to become a rapper. Palmer hints that some freestyle could come out of the sedan.

Jordan H., 35, Tampa FL. Jordan is an adrenaline junkie and former professional athlete. He’s a dirt bike racer who “loves hard” and “plays hard,” Palmer said.

Jordan V. 27, Alpharetta, GA. Jordan is a drag racer who sported a Justin Bieber flop haircut in middle school. That was all that was revealed.

Justin B, 32, Solana Beach, CA A perpetual optimist, Justin B. is a successful business owner who is creative and loves adventure. He wants to tour the country in a van, much like Bachelor Nation icon Dean Unglert, who Windey has actually dated in the past. according to Us Weekly.

Justin Y., 24, Brookfield, Connecticut. This is the identical twin brother of Joey mentioned above. According to Palmer, despite his young age and partying lifestyle, he’s “ready to find his person.”

Kirk, 29, Lubbock, Texas. Kirk is the college football coach for the Texas Tech Raiders. The only description Palmer really gave was that he’s charismatic. Palmer was too excited about the football coaching profession to say more.

Logan, 26, San Diego, CA Logan, a videographer whose celebrity crush is Elaine from Seinfeld, is described as a super laid-back free spirit who “follows his heart unconditionally.”

Mario, 31, Naperville, Illinois. The third player in the pack, Mario, is a Tetris champion. He’s also a personal trainer who has lots of energy, is a “phenomenal dancer” and loves tulips.

Matt, 25, San Diego, CA Matt is a trucking clerk and a self-proclaimed workaholic. He is also a competitive bodybuilder and has a betta fish named Tony.

Michael, 32, Long Beach, CA Palmer called this drug salesman a “human man” who “rules the room.” Apparently he’s the guy everyone listens to when he speaks. Oh, and parents love him.

Nate, 33, Chicago, Illinois. Nate is an electrical engineer who “rocks beads”. According to Palmer, Nate has “amazing style” and may just be responsible for making pearls “come back for boys.”

Quincey, 25, Miami, FL. Palmer describes Quincy as super bright, inquisitive, a good listener and a bad lyricist who “likes vibes”.

Roby, 33, Los Angeles, CA. One of many Californians, Roby is the only professional magician in the group and speaks fluent French. He loves diving and adventures and one day he wants to live in a house that has secret rooms and tunnels. If the bachelor mansion has them, chances are he’ll find them.

Ryan, 36, Boston, MA. Ryan is an investment director who, according to Palmer, is “just a guy who’s a guy.” He’s “big on self-care,” he loves botox and tanning, and he wants to open a dog shelter one day.

Spencer, 27, Chicago, Illinois. As a former army officer, Spencer admits he’s not romantic but is still very thoughtful. And apparently he gets a lot of compliments on his eyebrows.

Termayne, 28, Naperville, Illinois. Termayne, the “crypto dude” with Midwestern values, loves double dates, so he’s in the right place. He would also love to cuddle with a baby cheetah.

Tino, 27, Playa Del Rey, CA. Tino is a general contractor who loves the outdoors, camping, biking, surfing and kayaking. He is, according to Palmer, “super passionate” and “90 percent of his diet is meat.”

Tyler, 25, Wildwood, NJ. Tyler is a small business owner who hosts a basketball game on the boardwalk. Palmer gushes, “Tyler Banks!” His dream is to visit every baseball park in America.

Zach, 25, Anaheim Hills, CA The last of the Californians, Zach, is a former football player whom Palmer dubbed the “All-American Guy.” Fun Fact: He would like to be Spider-Man for a day and he doesn’t like breakfast.

This is the complete list of 32 men looking for love who are hopefully on The Bachelorette for the right reason. The Bachelorette premieres July 11 on ABC and streams on Hulu. Meet the cast of The Bachelorette Season 19

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