Megyn Kelly Torches Women’s March Tweet Declaring ‘Trans Women are Women’

Columnist Megyn Kelly is causing problems with a tweet from The Women’s March about transgender women.

On Thursday, The Women’s March posted a series of statements on Twitter, some of which appear to have been designed solely to incite outrage, such as, “Abortion is safer than childbirth. Only. just say it.”

Another tweet that received a lot of outrage was, “Transgender women are women. That’s it. That’s the tweet. “

Kelly took issue with the tweet when she wrote, “No, they’re not. There are big differences between women and transgender women. We can respect transgender people while not giving up on reality. “


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Kelly is right. There are differences between people who are schoolgirls, those who are born female, those who have two X chromosomes, and those who are identified as and converted to women.

She is also correct that there is a way to respect transgender people without adopting the notion that someone who identifies as a specific gender and has undergone surgery – or is not – is in fact a different gender. with when they were born.

In America, a core part of our values ​​is that everyone should be able to live and pursue happiness. And those who believe they are of the opposite sex, they are born no different.

Do you agree with Kelly?

They should not be discriminated against or judged because no one has the right to judge anyone else.

But not judging people and trying to love transgender people doesn’t mean the world needs to abandon its millennial view of sex and gender.

There are simply physical differences between men and women that cannot be changed with surgery.

And even as the freelance site Vox notes, some transgender people who identify as another gender don’t have surgery because they “simply don’t want to undergo the surgery” or “perhaps because they’re happy.” satisfied with their bodies despite their gender identity. “

The whitest white people simply cannot claim that they are Black and expect people to call them Black. And a person cannot claim that they are a real woman when they have all the physical features of a man.


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Even if someone undergoes sex reassignment surgery, there is a difference between a biological woman and a trans woman.

In other words, it would really be a renunciation of reality and would remove the meaning of words. And if words don’t make sense, there can’t be a shared reality. And if there can’t be a shared reality, there can’t be any kind of cohesive society.

And beyond the larger-scale problems, it’s also not helpful to assert that society as a whole must hold on to your beliefs, or else they are transverse bigots.

In fact, it makes people who might even call themselves liberals or progressives say, “This is going too far.” And that’s something we’ve been seeing for a while.

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