Mercury Retrograde May 2022: A Communications Crisis

If you’re counting down the days until Mercury retrograde May-June 2022 and feeling nothing but excruciating horror, you’re not alone. This astrological phenomenon is notorious for turning your entire life upside down and creating enough embarrassing moments to last a lifetime! However, before you hunker down in your basement and put your phone on airplane mode for the next three weeks, let’s get one thing straight: Mercury retrograde is *not* the end of the world. In fact, it can be an incredibly enlightening experience when you embrace the energy it represents.

The next Mercury retrograde begins May 10th at 4 degrees Gemini, making it particularly potent for confusion and misunderstanding. Finally, Mercury rules Gemini, the air sign of versatility, adaptability, and the art of learning new things. However, since Gemini is such a mental and intellectual sign, it’s always *so* close to boredom. As a result, the Gemini tends to take on far more than they can handle, as they happily start a new project while putting off another.

When Mercury goes through what appears to be retrograde motion, it is essentially moving back in time, retracing its steps through the zodiac calendar and reviving unfinished business from the past. Instead of following the Gemini urge to start something new during this retrograde, take time to process, review, and reflect on a situation that you may have abandoned or left incomplete. Finally, Mercury retrograde is the perfect time to settle the score and end an ongoing situation!

Mercury retrograde begins May 10th and ends June 3rd.

However, overwhelming your plate isn’t the only thing to worry about during this downturn. Finally, Mercury is also the planet of communication and as it moves through talkative Gemini it can be difficult to keep under control. Make sure you think before you speak because chances are you’re saying something you don’t really mean. You might even have the urge to share confidential information and spill the beans, because Geminis will soak up every last drop of gossip. Remember – it’s better to say too little than too much, because you can’t put Pandora back in the box, baby. Also, take everything with a grain of salt because the likelihood of misinformation during this bearish trend is definitely high.

On May 22, this bearishness gets even juicier. Then Mercury slides back into Taurus, the earth sign that comes directly before Gemini on the zodiac calendar. Taurus is a stable, stubborn, and slow-moving earth sign that greatly shifts the energy of this retrograde. As you move through Taurus, this retrograde can feel incredibly frustrating because no matter how much you wish for things to move forward, it could all happen at a snail’s pace. Accept being a slowdown, because you’re not the only one who feels like things are *really* dragging on. And if you find it’s impossible to get someone to see things from your perspective, give them time. Taurus has a hard time letting go of their beliefs even when it makes sense, but pressure tends to make Taurus feel even *stubborn*.

Luckily, this experience won’t last forever. It ends June 3rd at 26 degrees Taurus and you may go home with a whole new perspective. Embrace the complications that this retrograde Mercury could bring, for they always contain so many grains of wisdom. And if you feel like the experience was nothing but a stressful waste of time, remember that Mercury is known in astrology as the trickster planet. Retrogrades are easy when Mercury gets a chance to blow off some steam and cause some good old-fashioned chaos. And remember – it takes place three to four times a year and only lasts about three weeks, so you might as well sit back, relax and enjoy the cosmic show!

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