Mother was told to leave her DOWN Syndrome child behind! But the nurse instructed her to take the child home

The wonderful girl’s name is Kennedy Garcia and she lives in Colorado. Unfortunately, problems in Kennedy’s life began as soon as she was born. Unfortunately, the baby had Down syndrome, leukemia, and a deformed spine, so doctors advised her mother to abandon her baby, insisting she was better off at a specialized facility. The baby couldn’t even hold up his head, which looked like it might fall off at any moment.

The girl’s mother did not want to abandon her baby, but the hospital staff insisted that the mother was still young and could give birth to another healthy child, and that this girl would receive quality help in a specialized facility. At one point, the mother even caught herself considering this option for fear the doctors would be right and it might be the best option for her daughter.

But luckily for the baby’s mother, Rena Garcia, she met a nurse who supported her and reassured her that such children could lead normal lives if properly cared for. It would be difficult and it would take time, but the results could be very surprising. So, hugging her little baby and with tears in her eyes, Reen decided to take the baby home and face whatever life would throw at them.

So Kennedy ended up with her family in a loving home. The first serious difficulty Kennedy faced was problems with her spine. When the girl was only two years old, she was put on a metal collar and a helmet that fixed the bones in the right place and supported her body. The girl was completely immobilized. She just lay there all day and watched dance videos.


But when she was allowed to walk again a few months later, she immediately ran to her mother and asked her to go to a dance class. I don’t think I even need to say that everyone tried to dissuade the mother from this idea.

The girl was too special and it would be too difficult for her. Despite this, Reen understood that her daughter deserved to live her own life and do what pleased her. A short time later, Rein took Kennedy by the hand and took her to her first dance class.

Sure, it was very difficult at first, but Kennedy fell in love with dance so much that it literally became the meaning of her whole life. And as the girl later said: As I danced, I realized that it didn’t matter what I looked like. All of that counted like I was good at it. She tried very hard. She literally spent her whole life dancing and soon even worked with American Girl, Justice Clothing and Disney.

Many years have passed since then, and now her life is full of dancing, photo shoots and new acquaintances. She works for Dream Talent Management and regularly flies to Hollywood and New York for performances, auditions and television shows. And she’s only 16 years old.


Looking at Kennedy now, there’s no doubt that she’s the happiest, sweetest teenager alive, considering the doctors just wanted to write her off and sentence her to life in prison in a facility that didn’t give her the slightest chance a happy and fulfilling life. As the girl’s mother says, her daughter’s life does not remotely resemble the horrifying picture that doctors once painted for her.

She’s an ordinary teenager who loves taking selfies, experimenting with hair colors, making videos for TikTok, and discussing boys with her friends. She is a very good-natured person and laughs a lot. She is also the best daughter in the whole world that I could not even dream of. Kennedy has a close friend, Matthew.

The guy is four years older and also has Down syndrome, but this does not prevent him from working in the modeling business and acting.

Matthew quoted Kennedy at length and one day she agreed to be his girlfriend. Unfortunately, they rarely see each other as they work a lot and live in two different states. But that doesn’t stop them from being happy. In addition, her parents have already become friends. Kennedy’s mother says she almost made a terrible mistake once.


A mistake she would have regretted for the rest of her life. And she is very glad that there was one person who helped her make the right decision. She means the nurse who ignored all the doctors’ worst predictions and supported the young mother with a sick baby and gave her hope for a bright future. Rene is still very grateful to her. Mother was told to leave her DOWN Syndrome child behind! But the nurse instructed her to take the child home

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