NCAA gymnastics experts weigh

Florida stacked squad can win the title of NCAA gymnastics in 2022 not? Or the defending champion Michigan will repeat? And then also on the perennial powerhouse Oklahoma – or Utah, who has qualified for the NCAA championship more than anyone else?

Starting Thursday, eight teams will go head-to-head at the NCAA championships – and this could be the most exciting year yet.

Who is win? What habits should we be sure to watch? We asked our experts to consider.

Who do you think will win the title of allies?

Kathy Johnson Clarke: I believe any team that makes it to the finals has an equal chance of winning because there are a lot of equal points now and more teams than ever ready to make it difficult for the top teams. every team to have more excellent performances.

The team scored 198 goals in the middle of this season has more advantages, but the team played against thinking “nothing to lose, everything to gain” can make a move, “all bets are off “, this inspire everyone. I can not predict who the winner, but the consistency of Florida plus the ability to reach their high point from all positions in all four team events will be hard to beat if they attend.

Bart Conner: Every year, more and more teams have a legitimate championship chance – which is great for the sport. Florida has always been the top contender, but they’ve never had as much talent, depth, and experience as this year. I think it will be very close, but if Florida goes through, they are very hard to beat.

Ashley Miles Greig: Florida, because every event has a lineup that can score 9.9 or more for every routine. This season, Florida has also proven that they are confident in the big moments. Pressure doesn’t seem to be a factor for this team. Also, they have Trinity Thomas!

Sam Peszek: My money is in Florida right now. They’ve been heating up and it looks like they have the swagger and confidence to get the job done this year. However, the winning team will not be able to make any mistakes. It will depend on which team has the magic to get the job done that day.

Alicia Sacramone Quinn: I think the national championship trophy will return to Gainesville! Florida is peaking at exactly the right time. Gators performances in the region shows that even when traveling, they can still scored some great points.

Bridget Sloan: I think this year’s NCAA championship will be amazing. You have the team is back and ready to win another championship and you have the longing team won the first championship. Certainly there are some important teams are thinking first: Florida, Michigan, OU because they have dominated in recent years. But you can not not see Auburn, Alabama, Missouri and Minnesota are involved. All teams were excellent this season in ways that we as viewers know is possible. They are breaking records and continue to improve.

D’Arcy Maine: Florida’s Unbelievable Depth Candlestick was a difference-maker and gave the Gators their first NCAA team title since 2015, but this is college gymnastics we’re talking about, so we could should expect the unexpected. For that reason, it feels as if Utah could sneak away with the trophy thanks to their beam work. The Red Rocks finished the regular season #1 on the leaderboard and have become one of those unbelievable teams that regularly is the deciding event for the championship.

I could totally see Utah quietly hit the habit and end up winning the weekend’s biggest prize.

Alyssa Roenigk: Florida. They are confident, consistent and ready – and because of their ability to score anywhere in every formation, if they shoot, they will win. That said, so much talent is spread across the eight teams that qualified for the national team, that disturbances are inevitable (if you can call them upsets this year). On Friday, if we were talking about Missouri, Alabama, Auburn and Minnesota instead of Florida, Oklahoma, Utah and Michigan, I would be surprised, not shocked.

Amy Van Deusen: I’ll be the exception and select Oklahoma here. Florida is the strongest team this year, but I think the tremendous pressure of swapping points from last year could make it harder for athletes to take Saturday’s place. Oklahoma has won three of the last five championships, and has displayed an impeccable tradition in these pivotal times. The team could lead a panel on how to hit every banana on the bars and fix every dismount, and that could be essential to Saturday’s win.

You are secretly rooting for someone to win?

Johnson Clarke: I have no secret interest in a team. However, I want to make it the worst kept secret that I am dedicated to instructing everyone so that everyone can meet the moment and do some extremely memorable habits!

Sacramon Quinn: I would love to see Minnesota win a national title and become a member of the exclusive national championship club.

Van Deusen: Surprisingly, Michigan feels a bit underwhelming for a team that came in as defending champion, and I have to admit I’m gearing up for a repeat. This team pushes the envelope for each of its events, and that makes it a lot of fun to watch. Double-back removed from the beam? No problem. Lead off the floor with full? Certainly. And Natalie Wojcik in any event is, simply put, the best gymnastics.

Roenigk: My deep concern must be loyalty to my alma mater, Florida. But my less obvious favorite is for 10-time national champion Utah, the consistently best team in NCAA gymnastics history, and a roster full of stars ready to spoil the end. Florida week.

Maine: There is a necessary reason for why any program in the eight programs win would be amazing, but I’m a person who likes the story poorly or so I would love to see Missouri shocking on the pitch. The Tigers have only been second in the list of NCAA championship of them, and has become the final winner so far after the season – help type LSU have a higher ranking in the semifinal regional and then almost overcome UCLA in the regional finals.

Missouri also happens to have Helen Hu, one of the most innovative and underrated gymnasts in the college ranks. Her artistry and versatility are absolutely worthy of showing on Saturday’s network television.

Miles Greig: It’s no secret that I’m always cheering for Alabama! I am an Alabama alumnus and know firsthand the championing tradition of excellence and desire to win while participating in this program.

Sloan: I will always love her … it’s Gator is in my blood. But ultimately I want each team and individual to be able to look back at this moment and say, “I left it all on the floor.”

We absolutely should not ignore any habits?

Johnson Clarke: Gosh, I can not choose just one. There are a lot of really special processes “can not miss”, but I’m really looking forward to witnessing the process on the floor of Mya Hooten in Minnesota. Intent she is sending a strong message about the inequalities of race and social injustice through music, dance and performances she also represents all gymnastics great making it a performance “can not ignore”.

Roenigk: Any routine of Trinity Thomas! First Gator to win gymnast of the year twice at the SEC and owner of a “perfect 10” this season – and at least one point in every event – Thomas is a standout . She revels in the big moments and is a joy to watch in the ring. But don’t miss her on vault, an event she calls her least favorite in years and one that showcases an outstanding athlete who continually pushes herself to higher levels.

Peszek: On the vault, Ona Loper (Minnesota), Trinity Thomas (Florida), Shallon Olsen (Alabama) and all of Michigan’s vaults!

On the bars, Audrey Davis (Oklahoma), Leanne Wong (Florida), Suni Lee (Auburn), Helen Hu (Missouri), Grace McCallum (Utah) and Shania Adama (Alabama).

On the cluster are Maile O’Keefe (Utah), Alisa Sheremeta (Missouri), Natalie Wojcik (Michigan), Sophia Groth (Auburn), Megan Skaggs (Florida), Ragan Smith (Oklahoma) and Lexy Ramler (Minnesota).

On the floor, Jordan Bowers (Oklahoma), Mya Hooten (Minnesota), Sydney Soloski (Utah), Lexi Graber (Alabama), Derrian Gobourne (Auburn).

Maine: Only one? I think it might actually be impossible. If you’re reading this, you may have seen the habit for a perfect score of Nya Reed full of owls somersault sturdy include layout double in pass opening of her dance worthy TikTok and all music playback from my list (DMX! Lil ‘Kim! Missy Elliot!) On Spotify, but you will want to ensure that you will live for all but guaranteed to beat the house. And when you’re looking at Florida in the ring, you obviously will want to monitor Trinity Thomas.

You also won’t want to miss Michigan on vault, where five (!) of Werewolves have scored 10.0 this season. And, of course, Auburn’s Suni Lee on bars should always be a date.

Sacramon Quinn: Kiya Johnson (LSU) on the bunker, Cally Nixon (Kentucky) on the bar, Adeline Kenlin (Iowa) on the bar and Jordan Chiles (UCLA) on the floor.

Van Deusen: Oklahoma’s Audrey Davis does one of my favorite bar routines in the NCAA – with an incredible height above her Jaeger (from the reverse!) and an equally dismounted ride. I also love watching UCLA’s Norah Flatley on the floor. She does a beautiful triple full, then comes back with a full double up front – two very difficult passes in a row – and has entertaining and beautifully executed dance throughout. NCAA gymnastics experts weigh

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