New Claims About Trump Hate Book That IJR Is ‘Dead’ – There’s 1 Big Problem

The push to defame and attack former President Donald Trump and his supporters seems to have reached a new level, claiming that they killed the Independent Review (IJR).

A book by Tim Miller, the “Never Trump” writer at The Bulwark, titled “Why We Did It: A Travelogue from Republican Road to Hell,” bills itself as a “pungent corpse forensic study.” of the party he once attended loved and cherished.”

The book seeks to explain why, according to Miller, Republicans and conservative media support former President Donald Trump.

In Miller’s words, the Republican Party and the conservative movement are seen as a conspiratorial establishment, and the conservative media have chosen to release only content they want to hear and read – otherwise they dead.

After reviewing the history of the IJR, Miller wrote, “While [The Daily Caller] and [The Federalist] has become a complete pervert, the IJR has withered and died. “


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He added, “Now when you search for ‘IJ Review’ on Google, the algorithm will assume you made a typo and will instead bring up results from IN Review.”

(Screenshot / “Why We Did It: A Travelogue from Republican Road to Hell” / Tim Miller)

Well, if you’re reading this story, you probably know right away that there’s a big problem with that statement: IJR isn’t dead yet.

It’s not clear if Miller searched the Independent Journal or IJR on Google or just IJ Review.

If someone searches for either of those, our homepage shows up.

Also, if someone searches for Independent Magazine or IJR on Facebook and Twitter, our social media presence will show up.

Miller even uses IJR, which raises the question of why he was looking for IJ Review. Or if he searched IJR, Google didn’t show him our site? Or did he conveniently ignore that so it seems conservative readers just want pro-Trump content and thus turned on IJR and let it die?

Also, it is worth noting that he did not specify the exact year in which the alleged IJR died. This also raises another question, where does this come from? Did he just assume it was dead? Did someone tell him that IJR is dead? And if so, where did they get that request from? Anyone want to check it out?

As stated above, a simple search for our name will reveal that, in fact, IJR is not dead and is producing original content that is not all for Trump.


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If no one bothers to check a claim that could take about 30 seconds to refute, what else in this book is false or misleading that has not been verified?

The book was listed in 2nd place on the New York Times bestseller list in July. And his statement about IJR was echoed on the popular freelance podcast “Pod Save America.” So it goes unnoticed, and apparently, some people just accept it without doing their own research.

This is a particularly egregious error because it’s not done in an article or on a podcast where the publication or the host could delete it that day or the next.

His book also points out that there are other conservative newspapers like Commentary Review and The Dispatch that don’t support Trump – nor are they successful.

Miller could claim that the conservative movement’s base is full of conspiracy theorists and bad guys who have developed a cult force around Trump and zero tolerance for dissent. This is America, after all, where we cherish freedom of speech. And people may agree or disagree with that statement.

Regardless of what point a writer is trying to make, at least their case study should be accurate.

We are committed to honesty and accuracy in all of our journalism. Read our editorial standards.


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