New Pokémon Video Celebrates All 1008 Creatures Over 27 Years


did you catch them all

After almost 27 years, the Pokemon franchise has finally reached the milestone of 1000 total creatures in the new games Scarlet and Violet. To celebrate, The Pokemon Company released an eight-minute, 45-second YouTube video detailing encounters with each individual Pokémon across multiple generations. It’s a fun throwback to how far the franchise has come from its black-and-white beginnings on the Game Boy.

The video starts with the Kanto starters through to the Galar starters for a total of 24 Pokémon. Which, of course, allows them to strategically feature the franchise mascot and the 25th Pokémon, Pikachu.

Next up are all the beginner Normal-type Pokemon like Zigzachs, Sentret, Bunnelby, and more. After that, they mix a few different types of Pokemon like Electric (Emolga, Pachirisu, Dedenne), Fighting (Sawk, Throh, Timburr), and Grass (Skiploom, Roselia, and Eldegoss) to name a few.

After that the video shows all the different rookie birds from the different regions like Pidgey, Pikipek, Fletchling and more followed by the early game bug types and their evolutions like Caterpie, Metapod, Blipbug, Dottler and more.

After these two groups, a bunch of forest-dwelling Pokémon are quickly revealed. A number of Pokemon that can be found by interacting with trees will then appear, such as Greedent, Aipom, and Combee.

Noibat then launches the huge list of Pokemon found in caves, and there are even a few creatures mixed in that can be found by breaking rocks.

This pattern continues where different types of Pokemon are shown based on how they can be found in the wild, evolved with items, or evolved during trade until counters reach 905 Pokemon with Mew.

At this point, the video switches to the Paldean region to show all of the new Pokemon in Scarlet and Purple. Of course, the video takes care of slowing things down for 999 and the big number 1000, Gholdengo. The video ends with number 1008, Miraidon, and a clip of a Pokeball jiggling while the question “Did you catch them all?” appears.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and available now exclusively for Nintendo Switch. New Pokémon Video Celebrates All 1008 Creatures Over 27 Years

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