New Valorant patch 5.10 improves Cypher & Harbor

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Cypher could be on his way back into Valorant’s meta.

Sentinels are excited to see the changes to Cypher that have been testing on its Public Beta Environment server for the past few weeks go live today. Patch 5.10 notes released today revealed that the detective is getting some much-needed attention, while Fade is also being rebalanced to reduce some of her impact on the game. But the big surprise is that Harbor actually also gets a buff that wasn’t part of the PBE test at all.

Here’s the full patch 5.10 overview, which includes comments from Jo-Ellen Aragon, Riot Games’ Valorant Community Manager:

Agent Updates


Over the course of the game’s development, we’ve seen Cypher’s presence and relative influence on the roster diminish. While we attribute some of this to Chamber dominating the Sentinel slot more than we think is healthy, we also found that Cypher’s Trapwire setups were overly predictable and easy to counter with overtime, and that his ultimate both had the required Constraints missing pull it off and the reward for it. Increasing the Trapwire distance should open up many new potential setups for Cypher, allowing him to alter his play patterns so that his enemies will slow down and carefully move around the map if they want to spot them without getting caught.

Removing the enemy corpse time limit should make his ultimate more accessible than in the past and allow Cypher to have more leverage when initiating Neural Theft, while adding a second ping should create a clearer period of time for Cypher to draw the Strings, absorb the information of the enemy’s original position and plan strategic movements based on the pressure of the second. We hope these updates will push Cypher Mains to develop new setups for their informational webs and, coupled with upcoming updates to Chamber, help him reclaim a compelling place among his peers.

  • safety wire – Maximum trapwire length increased by 1000 >>> 1500
  • Neural Theft – Now shows enemies twice. There is a four-second delay between reveals
    • Removed the time limit for casting on enemy corpses
    • Maximum cast range increased by 1200 >>> 1800
  • life quality – Updated the yellow silhouette used for Cypher’s reveal on Spycam and Neural Theft.
    • The yellow silhouette now disappears when the revealed enemy becomes visible to you to reduce confusion when you see two depictions of the enemy in different locations.
      • The yellow silhouette now starts out darker and fades faster to better distinguish it from an actual enemy.
      • Cypher’s placed utility is no longer destroyed by allies’ AOE damage.


Fade’s Drifters were a versatile and difficult-to-play ability that we’re trying to sharpen with these changes. The duration changes encourage Fade to be more deliberate in the areas she sweeps, while the other changes to the ability are meant to help enemies on the opposite side.

The Nightfall cost increases in price as we found the ultimate’s base stat to be on the higher end compared to other ultimates in the game.

  • Prowler – Duration reduced from 3 >>> 2.5 seconds. (Time when the drifter lives without a trace).
    • Increased bite delay after reaching target by 0.4 >>> 0.6 seconds.
    • Hitbox improvements.
    • Reduced close-sight duration on hit by 3.5 >>> 2.75 seconds.
    • Prowlers will now fizzle out and no longer be nerfed instead of nerfing their target if they teleport away before it finishes its animation.
  • nightfall – Cost increased by 7 >>> 8.


Harbor abilities all have a healthy turn impact, but we’ve seen some players new to Harbor underutilize their abilities and feel too limited. We hope that these changes will make it easier for players to get started with Harbor and that experienced Harbor players will have more flexibility in controlling the map.

  • cascade – Number of loads that can be bought 1 >>> 2

Gameplay system updates

Real-time text evaluation (USA only initially)

  • In addition to our existing interventions, we are introducing a new feature to chat chat mute players who are sending disruptive in-game text messages. Disruptive Text Interventions will now be applied sooner rather than later as we continue to update our systems to assess more types of text communication.
  • These improvements will be rolled out in North America first and will be rolled out to other regions in the near future.
    • With the implementation of more immediate text evaluation, we hope to identify and reduce disruptive situations while players are still in-game and help you feel more confident about engaging in VALORANT.

Social Updates

  • Fixed an issue that caused the “Auto Decline Friend Requests: On” notification in the Social Panel to be misaligned for some languages.




  • Fixed a bug where Astra could cast a false mist right at the start of a turn before her star charged.


  • Fixed a bug where Chamber couldn’t equip a weapon at the start of a new round.


  • Fixed an issue where Harbor’s Cascade was visible on the minimap to enemies within sight of it.
  • Fixed an issue where Harbor’s Cascade would sometimes spawn under the map.
  • Fixed a bug where Harbor’s Minimap Cascade aimer would shorten when aiming up or down, even though the Cascade was traveling the same distance.
  • Fixed a bug where Harbor’s cascade aim point on the minimap was slightly shorter than the actual distance it would travel.


  • Fixed a bug where Neon’s slide could be used to accelerate up in certain map locations. New Valorant patch 5.10 improves Cypher & Harbor

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