Old lady divides her inheritance between two sons, mom’s boy gets a dime while rebel gets $2 million

An elderly woman fell ill and discovered an important part of her son’s personality and decided that for a reason her considerable inheritance would not be divided equally between them.

Believe me I never expected this to happen and it will be awkward for both of us but it has to be, let’s get it over with and move on, said a lover to his mother Patricia, who didn’t want it got up from her bed after her son entered her bedroom, but he was there for an important task, a task she never thought he would have to do or that he would be willing to change her diaper.

But Oliver’s hands were on his waist and the stern look in his eyes made her get up and take it, she was older and couldn’t reach the bathroom due to her limited mobility. Therefore, she started wearing a diaper and quickly realized that one of her adult sons would have to change it, or she would have to hire someone.

Patrician didn’t think it would be a problem and daughter, her eldest son Brian, who still lived with her even though he was in his thirties, would. Always a mama’s boy and incredibly sensitive, he loved flowers and reading, and up until this issue she thought he loved her the most.

However, he shied away from changing her diaper yesterday and unfortunately she was unable to do so. Brian himself ended up paying a neighbor to do it, but they couldn’t do that on a daily basis, but now, and to her utter shock, Oliver was there.

Oliver was the youngest and he was always the rebel, the kind of kid who hates schools and makes everyone laugh. He moved out as soon as he turned 18, bought a trailer and made many road trips across the country, finding odd jobs to survive, but adventure was in his soul.

He also had a motorcycle and a leather jacket, which he now wore when he cleaned her butt and changed her diaper. Patricia’s relationship with her rebel. kid was very different. She raised both boys alone.

Maybe that’s why Brian was so clingy, but Oliver marched to his own drum and they bumped heads. She often had different ideas about what he should do with his life, but he didn’t agree. Ok we’re done, I’ll come back tonight and do it again, let’s not talk about it too much. Okay, said Oliver, clapping his hands in a cleaning motion and marching out of her bedroom, Patricia, leaning back on her bed, her eyes watering as she thought about what had just happened. You changed your diaper, that’s incredible.

Brian said that that night when they ate dinner, Oliver stayed with them and told his big brother that he would come for a diaper change, but they would have to find a more permanent solution. yes i did You will have to do it too. Oliver said in his sober tone: never answered Brian, gruff and kept eating Patricia remained calm throughout the conversation but noticed Oliver staring deeply into his Big Brother’s eyes for several seconds. Her eldest looked away quickly, concentrating on his food and Oliver nodded.

She had no idea what this exchange entailed, but over the following days Oliver would come by and change her diapers and even give her a sponge bath as showering was difficult most days. She met her youngest and asked him questions about his life.

His stories were full of interesting adventures and it was a pleasure to hear them on the days he couldn’t come, Oliver paid someone to do the duty and Patricia never had to spend too much time in a single nappy before someone did but Brian, we are sensitive, mama’s boy who did everything for him and still lives in her house. Well he refused to contribute in any way and Patricia knew in her heart what she had to do, her eldest son needed a lesson.

No, that’s not fair. I didn’t even know about the pension in the house, Brian scream, when Patricia’s will was read years later. Uncle Charlie was rich and had no other family. You idiot Oliver scolded, eyes rolling, but I didn’t know how much he had when he died. They were at her late mother’s home after the funeral and the executor was there with the message. Brian received a penny from his mother’s money.

While Oliver got two million dollars as an inheritance, you have to share it with me. Brian didn’t ask for a chance. Oliver answered and got up off the couch, but since the house wasn’t in the will, technically it’s ours. Both you can buy my part and we can sell it and you start living alone. Like a grown man.

This is my house. I should get the house I deserve. you have all the money Brian whimpered like a baby, but Oliver shook his head and signed, well deserved. How after you refused to move a single finger for our mother when she was ill?

I had to come and change shifts at work if I couldn’t afford to pay someone. She knew that and this is your lesson to learn time to be a grown big brother. Oliver joked and walked off buttoning. His black jacket, Brian, was forced to sell a house and began renting an apartment in a shabbier part of Sarasota and Oliver. He quit his job, which he had been doing for a number of years since Patricia was getting sick.

After that, the rebel embarked on a new adventure to look after your parents in their old age, as they did the same when you were young. Despite a headache, Oliver took care of his mother and received a sizeable reward afterwards.

Teach your children to be independent, otherwise they may never stand on their own two feet. Brian was pampered because he was sensitive and a mama’s boy, and he had to learn later in life that he couldn’t depend on his mother forever.

https://news.detroitdailynews.com/2022/12/20/old-lady-divides-her-inheritance-between-two-sons-mommas-boy-gets-a-cent-while-rebel-gets-2m/ Old lady divides her inheritance between two sons, mom’s boy gets a dime while rebel gets $2 million

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