Old man walks into a mansion full of rich people and says I’m the owner. But they soon laughed at him

Bauer entered a luxurious mansion and claimed. To be the owner of it all. Nobody believed, but some time later the unimaginable happened. The music was thunderous. The corridors were filled with fine ladies and elegant dresses, the elegant gentlemen and tails with their glasses of fine wines in their hands and their bellies full. The delicacies served there.

When the laughter had taken over the square, a man with shot-up feet in old shoes, a threadbare shirt, faded pants, and a torn hat entered. I am God, and if you don’t bring the farmers back to their land, you will. I’m sorry, said the man who looked like a farmer. Everyone scoffed, but what happened next was unimaginable. The gallop.

That was the name of the small town where everyone knew and supported each other. The region was quite fertile. They grew staple crops and vegetables, the fruit trees grew spontaneously, and everyone enjoyed their shade. Mr. Regalia Alberto was the owner of the largest piece of land and rented it out to different families to work on. Unlike most residents, this man was selfish and ambitious.

The prices he charged for the rent were. Really unfair, but the farmers accepted it. Because they had to work to support their families. In addition to these exaggerated prices. The man was so despotic that if. He passed one of his fields. And if he liked something, he just took it out and took it with him. He entered the huts of the peasants.

That seemed best to him then and demanded that they feed him through their clothes off the clotheslines and wreak havoc and wake up in a bad mood. I couldn’t gallop anymore. authority than that of Mr. Rigelo Alberto. The priest was afraid of him because the man was haughty. Once the father called him to ask him to charge the farmer less because life was difficult and the rents abusive, and the man got angry and almost hit him. From then on, the priest was afraid and decided not to interfere in his affairs anymore. Also, the man sent him the message that same night that if he.

Went back to stand up for the peasants. He would be responsible for the demolition of the church with him inside. Samuel’s father decided to remain silent and limited himself to seeking economic help for the farmers. He gave them clothes, food and milk for the children. In the meantime, this arrogant man went on with his thing. One day he went into town.

And when he came back he called his tenants to tell them that he was going to sell them the land. Everyone was happy and some had their savings. Others took out loans to pay what the man charged them. He received the money and there was a party at a gallop, but they didn’t know what they were getting at.

You, because the man had sinister plans. Three months after he got her excited about his country. He sent mechanical shovels and machines to remove the land and planted cotton, so they all got nothing. The peasants started complaining to the bad man, but they had nothing. Could do because he had not given. These deeds or any type of document accrediting them as the owners of these lands. So they only had to flee to the church and to some neighboring house.

Branches where they got work. Regalio Alberto has cheated the peasants and gone. Growing cotton made him a super-millionaire. However, he got older and ended up with him. His son Rodrigo was his successor. He was unjust and cruel like his father. When the old despot died, the cotton harvest was no longer productive.

As the land was barren, Rodrigo linked up with other millionaires and the company began to exploit the coal mine in the country. The mining company had arrived and did not return the land to the farmers. For this they gave bribes to the. Authorities and farmers had to work for the millionaire owners of the mines. Companies that exploited them and paid them starvation wages.

Despite millions in profits from coal mining. Rodrigo and his multimillionaire partners chose to do it. Celebrate the fifth anniversary of mining with a stylish party attended only by millionaires and affiliates. So Pocus the farmer interrupted. This majestic party, everyone was stunned and. Didn’t know how he managed to get in, although security and porters claimed he never went through the checkpoints. So it was a mystery how he got in.

The ill-dressed peasant stood up. In the middle of the party and with. A loud voice said: stop it, stop it. Injustice and return of the land to its rightful owners. The peasants of this town. The man controlling the music turned the volume down and everyone stared at the strange man. How is it possible that this is bad. Dressed peasant entered my house?

yelled Rodrigo, visibly angry. Another attendee of the millionaire asked him who he was, and in front of the absorbed looks of all those attendees, the attendee replied: I am God. From astonishment, everyone turned to mockery. Upon hearing this reply, laughter flooded the room and they began shouting profanities at poor Pocus. But he stood his ground in front of the guests and assured them that they had to listen to him. Seeing the man challenging him, Rodrigo called security to throw him out of the villa. At that moment the man raised his.

Voice again, warning them that if they did, a tremendous calamity would happen. Don’t give the land back to the humble peasants. I am God and see what I am warning you about. If you don’t return the lands. That these humble men bought from Regalio. Whoever takes away their money and parcels with bad intentions will bring great misfortune on everyone, because they have been complicit in such an injustice.

Pocos screamed. Despite his words, no one feared him. So they kicked him out anyway. After Pocus was out, the party continued. But everyone commented on the madness of the man. What if he really was god? One of the ladies said she was very pious, and the others burst out laughing and told her she was too drunk to justify such nonsense.

The gallop defies the dismantling promotion. Guaranteed permanent work, was a very poor town because they no longer sold crops. And the worst thing is that they went through a hard time for several years. drought that had not only hit the few producers in the region, but it. Also meant that it was always hot. After that incident at the party, the rich people forgot what Pocus told them. They all went on with their lives.

Of luxury and extravagance. Regardless of the man’s warning. But something happened in the gallop. The farmer Pocas started talking to the other farmers and persuaded them to claim their rights. So he set the people against the multi-million dollar invaders. Thanks to his words and organizational skills, Poch managed to reach them.

Take a big hit. At first everyone was scared because they didn’t know Pocus, but they also wanted to return the land they had already paid for. The strike was that nobody worked in the mine. They all introduced him, but none fulfilled their duties.

They also carried banners demanding the return of their land. Rodrigo and the other millionaires came to try to calm the workers down, however. It was all useless. When the millionaire threatened to take work. Pocus emerged from another city. Crowd and told them millionaire, gentlemen who got rich thanks to work.

From these humble people. I, God, assure you that unless you do the right thing by giving them your land, your wealth will disappear. Rodrigo and the other millionaires again made fun of the mysterious man and had them soaked with water with a hose. But the peasants did not withdraw. But their offices continued to protest. At the end of the day, everyone went home while the millionaires met to discuss what to do. But Rodrigo invited her for a round.

He drinks and tells them that these starving people have to work there. They would have no money to eat if they continued to strike. The next day the whole town was shocked because there was a big cave inside the mine and the mine was sinking. The millionaires were afraid and decided to give the land back to the peasants. Let’s give them their land back.

You are still useless. Not even rats can live there. Surely the man is a witch and. He caused it all, said Rodrigo. The farmers were happy, but their land was still dry and they didn’t know what they would live on. However, now that the mine no longer existed, Pocus told them not to worry because the sky would cry with joy, so it so happened that a few days later heavy downpours fell and the country turned green, the millionaires could not do anything do and.

Nobody had to leave the place. Know where Pocus came from or where. He left, no one else saw him again? No one knew if it really was him. God or just a humble peasant no. You know what really happened. Town of the Gallup, but they’re sure they are. Blessed with their country friends, we have reached the end of the story. Tell us what you think of it. Write it here in the comment column.

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