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Thank you, President Biden. Your administration has achieved herd immunity. Alas, it has nothing to do with your promise to “turn off the virus” or Immunize all 330 million Americans. What you have long been doing is said to be no more than finding a cure for Covid. You have immunized the American people against politics. Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to this man.

This good news emerged from a question in a recent Associated Press-NORC poll, which asked: “Thinking about the problems facing the United States and the world today, would you like the government to solve it? What problems will be solved in 2022?”

Of course, about 68% said that the economy — with Worst inflation since 1982—Needs to think. But amazingly, the percentage of people who want the government to work on Covid-19 is 33%, down 20 points from a year ago.

The partisans tasked with standing in front of the microphone and explaining Biden’s policies would say, “See, we’re winning. Our policies have eliminated Covid as an everyday concern. ”

Um… no. US confirmed Omicron infections are reaching hundreds of thousands of people every day. Sagas had a lot of hospital workers with burns and an exhausted workforce. Traveling by plane on vacation is a historical nightmare. Today’s promised supply of rapid antigen tests equates to a bridge from nowhere. Cloth masks work, until they don’t. School is absent – forever.

What’s remarkable is how often interviewees are seen standing in line to be tested saying, “I don’t understand how this can happen after two years.” People are flying a pandemic white flag: They no longer care what the government, politicians or “scientific” are telling them about Covid.

The Covid pandemic is changing many patterns of behavior, and one of the biggest things we should be thankful for for the virus, is the death of the disease.

Since Covid kicked in in 2020, public and scientific authorities around the world have been saying: “Trust us. We know what we’re doing.” We now see that this unshakable, public-facing certainty is wrong.

Today, it’s fair to say that no one but hopeless people believes much in anything Mr Biden, Jen Psaki, Anthony Fauci or Rochelle Walensky say about Covid and Omicron. The worldwide list of suspected authorities could stretch to the horizon.

My aim is not to discredit public authority or science. We need both. Public authorities in 2020 cleared the way for Operation Warp Speed, allowing private sector scientists to develop protective vaccines. My intention is to re-establish a necessary virtue which seems to be entirely absent from public life and its scientific representations: intellectual modesty.

Political leaders try to convey the impression of being in control of events, insofar as they are mostly always on thin ice with the public. With the pandemic, the most visible faces of the US government in two years — Donald Trump, Andrew Cuomo, Joe Biden — have become caricatures of a controlling public figure. In their world, we always win.

At the heart of the collapse of public trust is science, with many answers. The problem is not the process of scientific discovery as it has been understood for centuries. The point is “science”, a politicized totem these days used frequently to prevent legitimate challenge, for example concerning What happened in Wuhan?

Winning science doesn’t begin with Anthony Fauci of the National Institutes of Health. Science as a political weapon has its roots in the fight over climate policy.

Disputes between scientists can become famously tense, but at some point in the past decade impatient climate change policy advocates have enlisted the media to quell dissent. opinion. Social media companies, whose employees certainly consider themselves serious STEM graduates, be activated the silence of wisdom. Dissent, perhaps the most prestigious political tradition in liberal systems, has been sunk into oblivion as “disinformation”—with the support of the mass media.

How can we win if a significant portion of the US population believes that the representatives of climate science and Covid are mostly, to choose a word, disinformation?

Every week, the New England Journal of Medicine publishes the results of clinical studies involving a multitude of medical problems, including Covid-19. NEJM exists because some of the diseases discovered in its pages have been “solved”. The nuances of medical treatment, so to speak scientifically, are debated in subsequent articles and letters.

In essence, public health is authoritarian, ordering the masses to comply for some greater social good, such as food handling hygiene. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, now run by Dr Walensky in line with the White House, occupies the gray area between issuing directives and acting as a scientific clearinghouse. During the pandemic, serious scientists – in and out of public life – have left their status as discoverers of important knowledge but are relentlessly attacked by certified dictators. Omicron ended their reign.

Entering our third year with Covid, the AP-NORC results effectively mean about two-thirds of the population is telling their government, “Thanks for nothing.” That’s an exaggeration, but not much. And things won’t get any better until suspicion and dissent gain more respect than they do now.


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