People only realize that Ethiopia is 8 years behind and uses a different calendar

Although we live on the same planet, Africa’s oldest independent country currently lives in 2014 according to the Ethiopian calendar.

Yes, strange as it may sound, Ethiopians have lived a different year from us the whole time.

According to the BBCthe reason a year is 13 months in Ethiopia is because “the year of Jesus Christ’s birth is calculated differently.”

Therefore, the Ethiopian New Year falls on September 11 or 12 during a leap year.

Ethiopia: where a year lasts 13 months

According to the Global Times“Ethiopia has its own 13-month calendar, and each of the 12 months has 30 days, while the 13th month, called Pagumen, has five days, which becomes six in each leap year.”

Compared to the Gregorian calendar, the Ethiopian calendar is 8 years behind. Not only that, the concept of time is also different. The day is divided into two 12-hour shifts that start from 6am and make both noon and midnight 6am Ethiopian time.

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On September 11, 2021, Ethiopia celebrated its New Year. However, while the rest of the world lives in 2022, the country is currently living in 2014. Wait, what?

How does the New Year work in Ethiopia?

Like many other cultures, Ethiopians celebrate New Year with their families and enjoy a traditional enkutatash meal while their children receive gifts.

through pictures, cultural awareness explains how Enkutatash meals consist of doro wot, a spicy chicken stew served with rice or flatbread known as injera.

Depending on the financial situation of the family, either a sheep, a goat or a cow is sacrificed. Then the families attend church while praying for the new year to come.

The country has been starting the new year without fireworks for two years, as reported vanguardwhich says police banned them in 2020 for fear of a terrorist threat.

Twitter reacts to Ethiopia’s calendar as old TikTok video resurfaces

A TikTok video posted by user Luna Chaotic (@lartbyhelina) in October 2021 just blew everyone away.

It seems like the world has just realized that there is another country that not only has a different time zone than theirs, but is also 8 years behind.

Incredulous Twitter users have left their minds to discover that time travel is possible, all you have to do is travel to Ethiopia.

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https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2022/04/06/people-are-only-realising-ethiopia-is-8-years-behind-and-uses-a-different-calendar/ People only realize that Ethiopia is 8 years behind and uses a different calendar

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