Phoenix Suns’ Kevin Durant injures his ankle while warming up

Kevin Durant is injured - again

Kevin Durant must have broken a mirror or walked under a ladder somewhere in his travels. The Phoenix Suns The forward has had some of the worst injury injuries in recent years and suffered another on Wednesday night. During pregame warm-up, Durant slipped on the court and rolled his ankle before making, and could be, his home debut for the Suns the rest out the regular season.

It’s one of the reasons the Suns, even with Durant, were never the definitive favorite in the West. KD’s ankle mishap was an unusual accident, and now fans in Phoenix may not be able to see him play until the postseason. Some didn’t believe in the suns blowing through the west, even with Durant on the ground.

KD already had an injury behind him

Maybe the fact that Durant was already injured when the Trade with Brooklyn was made last month, should have been an indicator. The two-time NBA Finals MVP missed his last 14 games with the Brooklyn Networks. He’d only played three games for the Suns since being shipped out west and was looking great.

At KD it’s like boom or bust now. He comes in and plays his usual spectacular game whenever he’s available, but then he might miss 10-15 games out of nowhere. Durant’s availability is so unpredictable at this point that it’s difficult to gauge his teams and where they really stand in the championship hunt.

Winning a championship would be tough for the Suns this season either way, but they don’t stand a chance without a healthy Durant to fall back on. Chris Paul seems to be losing weight on a daily basis, Devin Booker is great but he alone won’t be enough without Durant and enough depth in the roster to make a legitimate run.

But that’s exactly what the Suns wanted so badly. They wanted Durant even though he was inactive at the time of the trade and was already aware of his recent injury history. As great as a player like KD is, you don’t buy him to go to the conference finals. They get Durant to win a title like Golden State did and Brooklyn has been trying for the last few years.

When he’s healthy, Durant is easily a top-five player in the league, but that’s the problem. He’s rarely healthy enough to stay on the court longer than a few months without wasting time. Phoenix knew this when they decided to trade with KD, but companies reach out when desperate. You never expect a player to be out, but when injuries continue to pile up you can’t help but pay attention to the data presented.

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