Pink Full Moon April 2022: 4 Zodiac Signs Most Affected

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As winter rolls in and spring rolls roll in — aka when everything at Target goes aggressively pastel and bunny-colored — our mental processes begin to shift. Gone are the days of silent reflection and the steady and persistent scorching of buttered pasta while watching The Tinder scammer on Netflix. Now it’s time for action and rebirth. When the animals and nature start to sprout out of the mud – so will you. This weekend, April 16th, we experience the pink full moon of April 2022.

But be ready, cute signs. This rather complex full moon can create conflicting feelings that help us find clarity in our relationships. Sometimes we have to wade through the confusion to move forward. This extra juiciness bodes well, even if we don’t see it right away. First of all, we should all exercise patience. It can be tempting to act on situations — responding to a stuck-up co-worker, committing to a long-term project, etc. — but forcing things won’t help you grow. Do everything you can and give up.

Grounded by Saturn and tested by Pluto, Neptune and Jupiter, we have four powerhouse planets in the mix. While not all zodiac signs escape this intense blast of full moon energy, there are four zodiac signs that will feel it the most. Read on to learn more about this charged pink full moon in Libra and the four lucky signs for a healthy dose of their energy.

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This pink full moon offers an important opportunity to find a deeper balance between assertiveness and compromise in our relationships. And these are all relationships, not just romantic relationships. Given that full moons focus on enlightenment, climax and ending, and often revealing messages from the ethers to us, you may experience some downright magical aha moments. Embrace them as the revelations can only help you build more stable and healthy relationships in your life. Allow them to help you identify beliefs, habits, and situations that no longer serve you. Full moons are an optimal time for additional support from the Universe to cleanse.

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This full moon is supported by Saturn. Although often mistreated as a cold overseer in the mud of the zodiac, his support is comparable to the support of a strict grandfather. When Saturn is in the mix, especially in an aspect as harmonious as a trine, any solution you find will be one that will help you lay a rock-solid foundation for the future.

Speaking of solutions, don’t be surprised if this full moon creates excitement. Pluto might cause a little trouble unlike Saturn. When problems arise, you know that digging deep into those feelings, shedding some light on those shadows, and then morphing is just to help you. When you find yourself really digging deep into the depths of your soul, know that it is because Jupiter and Neptune are sending their energies, expanding, and possibly clouding your circumstances. I know this full moon sounds like a big bag of tricks. It is. But you got that, dear. Full moons are there for healing, if that’s what you want.

These four zodiac signs will be hit the hardest, and they can expect it.

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Oh, Libra, assertiveness isn’t your favorite thing to do as you prefer compromise every day, but this full moon in your sign will make you dig deep for the power to do just that. It’s time to step into your power of Libra and honor the beauty you bring to the world. Whatever turns up seems tied to your home, so make sure you don’t do more or less than your fair share. When things get out of whack, expect an awkward conversation. Use this Full Moon as an opportunity to ensure that your needs, wants, and concerns are treated with the same appreciation as everyone else. There is no longer any need for unnecessary self-sacrifice.

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Money and friendship are highlighted at this full moon in Libra, Sagittarius! Despite some shadows from Jupiter and Neptune, this full moon actually puts you in a good mood. Of course, Pluto could cause a bit of drama, but for the most part, you might find this Full Moon lending its support through friendship. Be open to any meetings with your team, you might just hear a solution to something you’ve been thinking about.

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As if you haven’t had enough of Pluto’s interference, the ruler of transformation and rebirth has been in your sign for longer than you can remember. Along with that full moon casting a bit of a shadow of its own, prepare for some tough conversations at work, Capricorn. Your career is highlighted on this Full Moon in Libra, prompting you to be mindful of your professional relationships. Use this time to take a break. Let the smoke clear before you react, then use whatever you learn to solidify your next moves. If there is anyone capable of embodying this energy, it is you, Cappy. You can do it.

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Vulnerability is the name of the game this full moon, Pisces. It will fall in your 8th house of intimacy, sex, amalgamation of resources, transformation, debt and ownership. Perhaps you long for the emotional closeness of another. Embrace it! Sharing your innermost thoughts could not only lead to some powerful realizations about yourself, but also bring you closer to those in your inner circle. Remember, be as open to sharing as you are to listening and receiving. When a conversation is in true balance, one can only do magic.

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