Please just let Ashley wield a gun in RE4 remake no matter what


It’s time to redeem Ashley Graham.

Anyone who played the original Resident Evil 4 is surely familiar with the mechanics surrounding Ashley Graham. While the remake is right around the corner, Capcom has yet to reveal how their stages might go, meaning there’s room for hope we won’t have the same experience.

Newcomers to the remake will (possibly) never understand how difficult it is to keep a helpless blonde out of the enemy’s clutches while being swarmed. But even as a big fan of the original, I don’t want it back. I’d like a new experience that fixes some of the previous frustrating features.

To that end, I just want Ashley to be able to wield some sort of weapon. It doesn’t have to be weapons or anything outright destructive, just something to assist Leon during the longer fights. From what we’ve seen of the remake, those fights are guaranteed, as the game’s final presentation revealed that Capcom has completely recreated the original Chainsaw Ganado section.

Chainsaw Ganado Village
Image source: Capcom

The downside to how cool this reveal was is that it could also mark the return of the original’s later portion of the game, where Leon must attack cultists while Ashley stands helpless in the distance. If you’ve never played Resident Evil 4, this part is no more fun than it sounds. It would be vastly improved if only it were updated to allow her to even fend them off a bit while Leon sniffs.

Even for history reasons, it doesn’t make sense why a complete badass like Leon Kennedy wouldn’t try to teach Ashley at least the basics of self-defense. It’s not that they suffer from a lack of probable weapons either; Most Ganado enemies carry farming tools, which could be perfect melee options. When it comes to keeping Ashley grounded, the guns can just break after a certain number of hits like Dead Rising.

It’s not like this is a foreign concept to Resident Evil. In Revelations 2, Claire’s companion Moira Burton doesn’t fight with guns, instead wielding a crowbar. She’s not a fighter on the same level as Claire, but she’s not helpless (or, in Ashley’s case, useless) either. On the alternate side of this story, Barry Burton teams up with Natalia Korda, a little girl. However, this little girl can swing rocks in a pinch and use them to smash zombies. These rocks have limited durability, allowing you to get about one hit before they shatter, making them a quick getaway weapon.

Moira in Resident Evil Revelations
Image Source: Capcom via Resident Evil Wiki

This isn’t even a crazy suggestion for the whole partner character aspect. Since Resident Evil 4, every game that features a partner features either a badass of your same level, or someone who can at least defend themselves to some degree. There’s no reason to go backwards. There was a stark difference going into Resident Evil 5 and finding out that partner character Sheva Alomar was about as deadly as Chris Redfield.

There’s still time before the Resident Evil 4 remake hits shelves, and plenty of time to show how things are different this time around while the original is going to be so awesome. To that end, Capcom, please don’t give us the same damsel in distress moments as Ashley Graham.

Or, if you insist on leaving her mechanic unchanged, don’t you dare remove her suplex glitch. If nothing else, give the poor girl a chance to hurl ganados at her head like a petite Brock Lesnar in glorious 4K. Please just let Ashley wield a gun in RE4 remake no matter what

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