Pokemon Go Kyurem weaknesses, counters and can it be shiny?

Wondering what is Kyurem’s weakness in Pokemon Go? Or could it be Shiny? You’ll find all the answers you need, including the best counters, in our 5-Star Raid guide.

In the second half of December 2021, Unova’s legendary Kyurem will appear in 5 star raid, which gives the Trainer another chance to capture this powerful Dragon/Ice and complete the Tao trilogy, along with Zekrom and Reshiram.

However, for any Legendary Pokemon, you’ll need to be prepared if you want to win this battle. That’s why we’ve put together a guide that outlines its weaknesses, the best fixes for your team, and its Shiny variant in detail.


Kyurem appeared in the battle of 5 Star Raid in Pokemon Go

Kyurem will return to 5-star Raid Battles again.

Kyurem’s Weakness in Pokemon GO

Legendary Kyurem is of the Dragon/Ice type, which means it weak against Dragon, Fairy, Battle, Rock and Steel attacks, which actually gives you quite a few options for getting into battle.

It is important to know what Not to use. Kyurem is resistant to Electric, Grass, and Water moves, so avoid sending Pokemon of that type into battle whenever possible as they won’t last long.

Best Kyurem Counter in Pokemon Go

Here are some of the best and most accessible counters for beating Kyurem:

Pokemon Move
Metagross Bullet Punch & Meteor Mash
Terrakion Smack Down & Sacred Sword
Conkeldurr Counter & Aura Sphere
Lucario Counter & Dynamic Punch
Rhyperior Smack Down & Rock Wrecker
Machamp Counter & Dynamic Punch
Excadrill Metal Clamp & Iron Head
Gardevoir Glamor & Glamor
Jirachi Confusion & Desire Doom
Tyranitar Smash down and edge rocks

How to catch Kyurem in Pokemon Go

If you want to add Kyurem to your collection, you need to first defeat it in a 5 star raid battle. You’ll then be given a limited number of Premier Balls to try to catch – although not guaranteed to catch.

You can improve your chances of catching Kyurem by using Berries and hitting excellent Curve Throws or Balls. You will also get more Premier Balls when you raid in your colored gym or beat Kyurem quickly.

Kyurem will appear in 5 Star Raid from Thursday, December 16, 2021, until Friday, December 31, 2021, so you’ll have two weeks to defeat one and (hopefully) catch it.

Shiny Kyurem Appears in Pokemon GO

This is what Shiny Kyurem looks like.

Can Kyurem Shine in Pokemon Go?

The good news is that Shiny Kyurem is currently available in Pokemon Go. It really just came out in time Holiday events in 2021, so there’s even more reason to catch one now.

However, you will need a lot of patience (and luck) to find a Shiny Kyurem, as it is estimated to be around 1 in 20 chances encounter one. Join as many Raid as you can and hope for the best.

That’s everything you need to know about Kyurem in Pokemon Go! Check out some of our other guides below:

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