Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 1.2.0 update fixes tera raids and achievement… sort of

We’re only months away from the release of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, but with Nintendo’s announcement of a version 1.2.0 update scheduled for late February, players can expect Tera Raid and performance fixes in the near future, to name but a few to name.

This update brings many quality of life changes, many of which are focused on Pokémon boxes. Players will be able to manage a lot more in one place related to their creatures status, such as: B. their nickname, held items, markers, TMs and movements – be it reordering, remembering or forgetting.

However, the bulk of this update focuses on several bug issues that continue to plague the game, promising that the development team is planning “more features and bug fixes not detailed in these patch notes.” These fixes are primarily aimed at addressing issues players were experiencing in combat and particularly in Tera Raid battles.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet 1.2.0 patch notes

While these fixes come in all shapes and sizes, improving combat performance tops the list. After that, players should notice some quality of life changes as follows.

feature adjustments

In addition to everything you can do from the Overview screen, players can also select All Crates while moving items or Pokemon in both the Party and Crate, and Hero Items views.

Also, boxes assigned to a specific battle team will have a darker, more visible icon if they are part of the currently displayed team.

Major Bug Fixes – Tera Raid Battles

There are all sorts Tera Raid Battle Problems that need to be fixed, e.g. B. if the opponent’s Tera-type Pokémon’s HP doesn’t accurately reflect damage or status conditions. Not only that, there were moments when all of the Pokemon on the player’s side passed out even though their HP indicated otherwise.

Elsewhere, reports of input issues involving a player choosing their target, as well as players sometimes being taken to a different Pokémon Tera raid battle than the one they were seeing have been noted. Occasionally, Tera Raid Battle crystals would not appear.

Major Bug Fixes – Fights

Specifically, during Double Battles, type matchups against a Pokémon that has already passed out will no longer appear.

Aside from that, the fixes include Zoroark’s terastalized form and his illusion ability. Additionally, there were issues where Destiny Bond’s ability couldn’t activate after a Pokemon Terastalized, which will also be fixed.

Major Fixes – General

The biggest general fix focuses on the game suddenly being forced to close. To counteract this, players will see fewer Pokémon and humans in certain locations. Other performance updates include fixing the player’s in-game character expressions as well as the location of items, the accessibility of ranked battles, and players not receiving their appropriate rewards.

So why do we say that the update kind of fixes the performance issues? Because it essentially downgrades the gaming experience to improve overall performance instead of finding other means of optimizing the gaming experience. This may be disappointing news for some players.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet was released for Nintendo Switch on November 18th, 2022 and has already received some post-launch updates. As always, these updates are subject to change, but Nintendo has already indicated that more fixes are on the way.

https://twinfinite.net/2023/02/pokemon-scarlet-and-violet-update-120-fixes-tera-raids-and-performance/ Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 1.2.0 update fixes tera raids and achievement… sort of

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