Pokemon Unite Patch Notes: Dragonite Update

With the release of Dragonite in Pokemon Unite, the developers have blessed the community with some additional balance changes to incorporate gameplay. From nerfs to overbearing picks and buffs to weaker pokemon, this unified pokemon update has leveled the playing field for players. Pokemon Unite patch notes will be displayed first, followed by a quick breakdown.

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Venusaur: Jumping petals

  • Weak user impact.

Venusaur: Solar beam

Venusaur: Mud Bomb

Venusaur: Unite Move: Verdant Anger

  • The following have been adjusted for this move:

Wigglytuff: Unite Move: Starlight Recital

  • The shield effect is weakened.
  • User impact time is reduced.

Zeraora: Spark

  • Reduces damage dealt to opposing Pokémon.

Zeraora: Wild fee

Gardevoir: Moonblast

  • The cooldown is extended.
  • Move Lower

Gardevoir: psyshock

  • Reduces damage dealt to opposing Pokémon.

Gardevoir: Future vision

Eldegoss: Tornado Leaf

  • Reduces damage dealt to opposing Pokémon.

Eldegoss: Cotton spores

  • Increases damage dealt to opposing Pokémon.
  • Cooldown reduction.
  • Duration of effect on enemy Pokémon increased.
  • The effect on opposing Pokémon is enhanced.
  • The effect on the user is enhanced.

Shell: attack boost

  • Increases damage dealt to opposing Pokémon.


Tsareena: Three Axels

  • Weak user impact.

Slowbro: Forget

  • Stat Boost
  • Changed so that Pokémon that store HP are lost for a short time. When hitting an enemy Pokémon with a move, that Pokémon restores some of its HP using its stored HP, and it also reduces the opponent’s Sp. Def for a short time.

Slowbro: Head skin

  • Increases damage dealt to opposing Pokémon.
  • The effect on the user is enhanced.
  • The effect on opposing Pokémon is enhanced.

Slowbro: Memory loss +

  • Change to upgrade: Increase Sp. Def..

Decidueye: Spirit Shackle

Decidueye: Storm of leaves

  • Cooldown reduction.
  • Range increased.
  • The effect on opposing Pokémon is enhanced.
  • Increases damage dealt to opposing Pokémon.

Decidueye: Leaves

  • Increases damage dealt to opposing Pokémon.

Cinderace: Blaze Kick +

  • The effect on the user is enhanced.

Cinderace: Feint

Pikachu: Thunder

  • Increases damage dealt to opposing Pokémon.

Pikachu: Volley

  • Increases damage dealt to opposing Pokémon.

Pikachu: Unite Move: Thunderstorm

  • Unite Move fee rate has increased.

Sylveon: HyperVoice

Remoat . Stadium: Corphish


For starters, most of these updates will require more experience and in-depth numbers, but here’s a general breakdown of the patch update.]

Pokemon Nerfed

First, Venusaur seems to be moving back to the Solar Beam build, especially with the Pedal nerf reduction. On the other hand, Wigglytuff nerf doesn’t seem too significant, especially considering the Buddy Barrier exists. Therefore, reducing the shield of Unite will not affect pokemon too a lot of.

Now, Zeraora really need that nerf. Many creators don’t rank pokemon high in their selection rankings, but that pokemon wasn’t balanced for Long time. Highly rated Spark nerf, along with fixes for Wild Charge. Something is definitely working incorrectly for that move, making it unreasonably difficult to handle.

Gardevoir nerf is quite unfortunate, but well warranted. The last pokemon was in a very strong position in one go, but the ax dropped very quickly after that. It definitely overwhelms the meta at the end of the year, with an absurd amount of damage allowing the pokemon to collapse on practically anyone it hits. Hopefully these nerfs aren’t too big and the pokemon are still viable.

Meanwhile, Tsareena was nerfed much needed for Triple Axel. The developers have reduced the healing on the move, but nothing else. Will definitely have to see if that nerf is enough to balance the pokemon.

Pokemon are buffed

Eldegoss‘The Tornado Leaf build is no longer suitable for the meta with the recent update. With direct nerfs for moves and alternate effects, Pokemon Unite developers are pushing Cotton Spore to become more valid. As a result, the pokemon will heal more efficiently but perhaps deal less damage than before. Fair trade, consider Eldegoss as a kind of support.

Next, Shell get an enhanced basic attack buff. This is great, as pokemon are definitely on the weaker end of the spectrum.

Slowbro get a lot of love. Solidarity developers certainly know that selection struggles to keep its own place and only elevates the power of choice out of choice. Depending on the number of specific summoner spells, Slowbro can be practically powerful.

Decidueye there has been a bit of pressure, but hopefully this patch will fix that. Buffing a large number of its moves will allow the pokemon to deal significant damage.

Also, Blaze Kick Cinderace and Feint Cinderace are likely to return, with the most recent update supporting those two moves. These are pretty much out of date, but the increased damage count could very well change that.

In the end, Pikachu was pretty strong. This summoner spell pushes the pokemon to the edge a bit, making the iconic electric rat a bit overbearing to deal with.

In short

December is a great month for Pokemon Unite. Two new pokemon, a brand new map, new game modes and a Christmas themed event, the content seems to never end. The developers crush, fix the state of the game with each pokemon release. From the patch notes Pokemon Unite put out, the dev team clearly put a lot of heart into creating a balanced experience for their players. hopefully the community can continue to see this level of hard work from the Pokemon Unite team as the game continues to evolve.

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