Pokémon Unite Squad | All available Pokemon in Pokemon Unite

Pokémon Unite is the gaming franchise’s first multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) strategy game. The game comes with an extensive list of Pokemon to battle with. If you are wondering if Pokemon Unite is cross-platform or which Pokemon are on the list, here is the list of the current Pokemon Unite list.

All available Pokemon in Pokemon Unite

Pokémon Unite has categorized the listed Pokémon into classes based on each character’s roles, strengths, and weaknesses. Players battle wild and opposing Pokémon in each game to level up and evolve. Players can earn rewards they need to purchase licenses to unlock new Pokémon to add to their roster. Here’s the full list of available Pokemon.


  • The physically stronger Pokémon that dominate in deals heavy ranged damageat the expense of Low stamina.
    • Pikachu
    • Greninja
    • Venusian
    • Alola Ninetale
    • Cramorant
    • Cinderella
    • Gardevoir
    • Sylveon
    • decidueye
    • Duraludon
    • Espeon
    • Delphox
    • Glacial


  • Pokemon with high attack and mobility statswhich can help them earn points with quick attacks.
    • claw flame
    • Absolutely
    • Gengar
    • Zeraora

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  • Pokemon with average attack and stamina statsbut are consistent strong-willed characterswho remain ruthless on the battlefield.
    • Charizard
    • Luke
    • Macchamp
    • Garchomp
    • tsarina
    • dragonite
    • Aegislash
    • azumarill
    • buzz


  • Having these honorable Pokémon high endurance values and are absolutely adamant when protect their friends from any damage inflicted by opponents; Nor will they hesitate to exact retaliation.
    • Relaxo
    • crust
    • Slowbro
    • blastoise
    • mamoswine
    • Greedent
    • Trevenant


  • These essential Pokémon provide the team with a wealth of support by providing Revealing the enemy’s status conditions and she too acts as a healer for their teammates.
    • Eldegoss
    • Mr Mime
    • Wigglytuff
    • Blissey
    • Oops

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