Problems hitting the ball? Do this to flatten the golf club for better contact

By trying these simple moves, you will finally be able to flatten the golf club on the downswing.

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If you’re like most golfers and are always looking for improvement, you’ve probably heard the term “flattening the club,” which refers to the movement of the club shaft on the downswing.

But just because you’ve heard the term doesn’t mean you actually know how to flatten the golf club – but it is very important when trying to achieve more consistent golf shots.

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Although there are many reasons why it is necessary, the most important reason is to allow the clubhead to essentially move behind the hand path – which is very helpful with consistent shots.

Good ball hitters always make sure that the clubhead (the center of mass) follows the hands during the transition from the backswing to the downswing. They remain in this structure until the club shaft is at least parallel to the ground when approaching the ball.

A shallower shaft often helps reach these important positions.

How to flatten the golf club

Now there are many ways to weaken the club. However, when I work with tour pros or watch pro players on the range, there are many common characteristics.

The most common way the world’s best players flatten it is by lengthening or straightening the back arm in the downswing while keeping the back wrist extended (as shown below in the ProSENDR wrist mount).

In my opinion, this is also the easiest way for the average golfer to flatten the golf club.

The vast majority of golfers cannot rotate like the pros – this typically involves aggressively putting down the shaft with a match-up that produces a solid shot. Therefore, it is much easier to flatten the club by lowering or extending the right arm.

Most great players bend their back arm to about 90 degrees at the top of their backswing, hold that angle briefly in transition, then extend the arm and Despite it Maintaining the condition of the wrist.

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A good feel for this movement would be to swing to the top of the backswing and then, keeping your back to the target, lower your arms to about hip height; All while keeping the clubhead following the hands.

So if you want to learn how to flatten the golf club, work on the above feelings and you will slowly be on your way to better impact!

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