Quake II update now available on Switch, patch notes

Quake II update

Bethesda’s new version of Quake II I’ve just started distributing a new update and it’s live on the Switch.

The patch includes quality of life improvements, balance changes, and notable bug fixes. A lot of what’s done here is based on player feedback.

Here is the full overview:

Quake II update patch notes

General gameplay

  • Added controller vibration effects when taking damage
  • In the Input Options menu, “Always Run” has been restored, with separate options for controller and keyboard
  • The “Save” and “Load” menus now display which campaign a save came from
  • The compass, Drop CTF Tech And Use the grabber Actions can now be assigned as custom bindings from the Input Options menu
  • Added a toggle for Underwater Warp in the Gameplay Options menu
  • The window in which input is not allowed after deactivating the weapon or inventory wheel has been increased in size to prevent incorrect look inputs or accidental deselecting of items/weapons
  • Disabling Show Bob in the Gameplay Options menu will reduce head wobble
  • Added missing tank animation
  • Improved compass target navigation in various locations in Quake II, The Reckoning, Ground Zero and Quake II 64
  • Skipping cinematics now requires pressing the action key/button instead of any key/button
  • An additional chain segment has been added to the plasma beam and grappling hook when using higher fields of view
  • Improved cases where momentum was lost when climbing stairs
  • Depending on the player model selected, the correct drowning sounds are now used


  • Added the ability to load quick saves and manual saves in online co-op mode without having to return to the lobby
  • Bot chat can now be disabled in the Multiplayer Options menu
  • Added match browser filters and the ability to sort by ping in the Multiplayer/Online/Join Match menu
  • The maximum number of visible games in the Multiplayer/Online/Join Game menu has been increased from 20 to 50
  • Excludes full servers from visible games in the Multiplayer/Online/Join Game menu
  • Quake II 64 physics changes have been disabled when playing Quake II 64 multiplayer maps
  • Spawn Farthest is enabled by default in competitive game modes
  • For team-based game modes, Auto Join Teams is enabled by default
  • Default ask limit increased to 30
  • Set multiple cvars as cheat enabled and prohibit hosts from using them when cheats are disabled
  • Q2CTF2 (Stronghold Opposition) and Q2CTF3 (The Smelter) have been updated to better reflect the original versions of these Capture the Flag maps

Balance changes

  • Railgun damage increased from 100 to 125
  • Monsters no longer dodge shots from the side or behind
  • The slime and lava traps in The Slimy Place and The Frag Pipe can no longer be avoided
  • Turrets no longer deal additional damage when blindly fired
  • Killing a Brain while its chest is open now always counts as a kill
  • Monsters no longer open nearby doors immediately after spawning
  • Fixbots stop healing when they reel in pain
  • Berserker:
    • The Berserker’s attack can be dodged by jumping when the blow is struck
    • Added a visual indicator to show when Berserker’s Leap is charging
    • Added an additional 100ms delay before the Berserker jumps after being fully charged
    • Reduced damage from slam attacks


  • For balance reasons, ladder sounds have been removed from multiplayer


  • Reduced the size of the vision cone on ambush monsters to address some cases of accidental trap activation
  • The Force Shield will no longer reactivate after picking up ammo if it was manually turned off
  • Power-ups no longer leave a phantom pickup after a player dies
  • Fixed a crash when a soldier attempts to perform a running attack against no player

All players on Switch can now access the new update for Quake II.


Isaiah Colbert

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