Ravens Stock Monitor: Rookie Pass Catchers Shine Bright

Ravens WR Shemar Bridges goes up to make an argument


Shemar Bridges stepped forward to make a controversial catch.

The Baltimore Ravens officially began their 2022 campaign with a 23-10 win over the Tennessee Titans to extend their impressive show-game winning streak to 21 in a row. There were plenty of players who went into the night with a lot to prove and many of them did not disappoint and some even exceeded expectations.

There are more players who improve their numbers than there are those who reduce their chances of seeing their final roster and some are just surpassed by others in their respective positions.


Isaiah most likely

The fourth-round rookie turned the impressive performances he put on in practice into a strong showing in his first game by making some impressive plays in the first half. He made an impressive pair of challenge catches that included a catch on the overpass towards the left side of the field like a patented Mark Andrews game and beat another shot before it could hit the ground, which was initially judged to be incomplete before being overturned in a successful challenge by head coach John Harbaugh.

More likely also showed the ability to cause defenders to miss space and earn extra yards after catching the ball, catching four passes in 44 yards received. While he still has more ways to be a backstop than technical prowess, there’s no doubt he’ll be a valuable asset in the regular season and possibly will. didn’t play much in the team’s two pre-season games.

Shemar . Bridge

While likely the star of the first half, Fort Valley State University’s unadorned rookie broad-spectrum was arguably the star of the night with his standout performance. He led the team in yards received with 62 and tied the likely lead in receptions with four, including a 38. At 6-foot-4, Color College Product History suggests that he may have been the one to catch the massive body girth that the Ravens were looking for and thought they were in the Miles Boykin of old.

Bridge shows he can track the ball well, climb stairs and down with contested catches and use his size to his advantage. He also shows some nuanced routes running for his wider reach by helping criminals switch one key right before halftime and the next by channeling his inner Randy Moss to transport in the only touch-down reception for Raven on the night.

Mike Davis

The eight-year veteran is one of many talented pro players in a back-to-back position that the team are excited to see in a real-life game setting and look little by little by a seasoned pro. . After the first hit where he couldn’t find traction in the game on the ground, Davis and the rest of the offense returned for their second possession in the game and ended it with he scored the first point of the night in a four-meter touchdown run. He shows good vision, strength and is quick enough to get outside in his scoring play.

Ja’Wuan James

The first-round pick previously had an inside track becoming the team’s top spin tackle pick as he ran with first-team offense throughout the season and started training camp in when Ronnie Stanley finished rehab and returned to football. For someone who’s been doing the right tackle up to this point, James looks good on the edge and has come up with a few key blocks that both act as a puller and a smack.

Steven Means

The 10-year veteran journeyman was on fire and he was a poor rookie who once again played in the final week of last season with the way he relentlessly put pressure on the rookie midfielder. Malik Willis of the Titans in the first half. His engine never stopped and while he finished with just a sack, he would have nearly scored a hat-trick if it weren’t for Willis slipping off his grape at the last minute in a several different cases. He scored a total of three tackles, including a lost serve when he made an early request to review the final lineup.

Kyle Hamilton

The rookies of the first round had a His NFL debut where he showed off his dynamic skills and nose for the ball while also showing off several areas where he needs to develop and improve. Hamilton showed incredible range and near-wink closeness to prevent Willis from taking the first shot but he also had a few off-court tackles that led to big plays including head touch. Tennessee’s first and only in the game. .

Geno Stone

The third-year pro was arguably the most aggressive and impressive of any defender in the game for the Ravens or Titans. He makes plays all over the pitch and ends up with a few solo tackles, including one off the ball, two breakthroughs that can be interceptions with one deep into the midfield, deflected interceptions. and defensive midfielder. That shot helped complete the defensive stance to end the game.

Stone is a testament to the incredible depth of safety Raven possesses and is likely a key to making the team as he is also very active on special teams. He appears to be the new personal guard on the baseball team, a role previously filled by Anthony Levine, who retired and joined the coaching staff this season.

Travis Jones

The third-round rookie was a force in the midfield for the Ravens defense every time he was on the field with his runs and constant conceding from midfield. He has displayed impressive strength and agility, both of which can be seen during his first firing in the NFL, where he refused to let Willis wobble out of his grasp as he grasp the position of midfield contested on the pitch.

Backup Midfielder

With Lamar Jackson watching from the sidelines, all three of his substitutes were on the field with Tyler Huntley playing the entire first half, Anthony Brown starting the third and Brett Hundley finishing the game. They combined 30/35 throws from 268 yards, one-touch and no interception. Each of them made at least one impressive throw but Huntley looked best and most closely resembled Jackson with the way he pocketed his pockets to avoid pressure and run on an empty field.

Ben Cleveland

The sophomore pro proved he would be a strong contender in the fight for a left-hand start until a bitter end to the way he’s played against the Titans. He made some impressive saves on pull-ups, tees and second-level climbs. Cleveland scored enough pancake blocks to form a tall stack, and the success of Raven’s bombardment as the game continued was sweet syrup.

Pepe Williams

The rookie of round 4 had a solid all-round night both in terms of defense in the corners from the inside out as well as special teams when returning. However, he could have had a spectacular night if he had only taken advantage of the big plays that came right to him. He may have scored the first points of the game in the opening as he produced a stunning breakthrough on the go and back route but could return to the pass for what is sure to be a match. encounter walking back the other way. Williams only returned a hit from an impressive 27 yards but he caught one in the fourth inning where he had plenty of space and time to get on the court but he opted instead fair catch.

Malik Harrison

The third-year professional hovered in the first half and was the downhill to force Hamilton’s recovery by hitting the ball out of the hands of a re-running Titans scrambling for extra yards. Harbaugh praised him for having a “really good game”


Kevon Seymour

The seven-year veteran lost a few times in coverage, allowing some completion for conversions and was beaten by Daryl Worley, who was just signed to the team on August 8, 2022 . He scored a total of three tackles for four of Worley’s, who also scored one of three defensive changes of the night with an intercept on a confusing pass into the final zone.

Jeremiah Moon

The poor rookie full-back has been outmatched by the likes of Means and second-year professional Daeline Hayes and it was well deserved for him to be called in to take a long shot to take the passer’s penalty. It didn’t help his case either. He started putting more pressure later in the game but after that the offensive tackles he was up against were almost irreplaceable.

Tire Phillips at OT

While the third-year pro had a great game inside the guard, he barely hit the ball well in the second half, where he gave up consistent pressure on the forwards. to the second, third and fourth wire boundaries. He is clearly a better fit between ball and center than on an island where his lack of foot speed can lead to flips like Hundley’s controversial steal in the fourth quarter. .

Rookie ILB has not been improved

Harrison’s strong evening coupled with the absence of any flash or splash play by Diego Fagot, Josh Ross or ZaKoby McClain doesn’t bode well for their chance to make the team in a year where the team can be light. with midfield and heavy on safety .

Slade Bolden

The uninjured rookie isn’t hurt by whatever he does on the pitch as he’s not serving the game due to a minor injury. In his absence, however, Bridges and several other unannounced wide receivers put on strong performances with everyone who showed up in the game catching at least one pass.

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