Release date in English and summary explained

What date will Chainsaw Man Chapter 99 be released in English for reading online and what happened in the last episode?

Chainsaw Man is truly back… and back with a vengeance! The legendary horror manga series finally made its long-awaited return earlier this week with the release of Chapter 98 after an 18-month hiatus.

Almost immediately after the release of the new chapter, the series began trending on social media around the world, alongside “Mitaka” and “War Devil”. Now that fans are digesting a truly incredible recurring episode, many are curious as to what date Chainsaw Man Chapter 99 will now be released for reading online in English.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 99: Release date and time

Chainsaw Man Chapter 99 is planned will be released in Japan on Wednesday July 20thth – although for the vast majority of international readers this will be on Tuesday 19th Julyth.

As confirmed by MangaPlusthe 99thth Chapters of the Chainsaw Man manga series will be released for online reading at the following times:

  • Pacific Time – 8 a.m
  • Eastern Time – 11 a.m
  • UK time – 4pm
  • European time – 5 p.m
  • Indian Time – 8:30pm
  • Philippine Time – 11pm
  • Australian Central Time – 00:30 (20 July)

Access is available for free for the next three weeks, after which the chapter will be locked behind a paywall on both Viz Media and Manga Plus. Users can read the entire library of published chapters on a membership Subscription that currently only costs $1.99 per month.

Chainsaw Man | Official trailer



Chainsaw Man | Official trailer





What happened in Chainsaw Man Chapter 98?

Chainsaw Man Chapter 98 was titled “Bird and War” and began with a young high school girl named Asa Mitaka.

Mitaka feels isolated from the rest of her classmates and often spends her free time watching them from afar, teasing them about how easily they go about their daily lives.

One day their teacher Mr Tanaka brings a devil chicken to the class and says that in 100 days the class will kill and eat the devil chicken (named Bucky) to teach them how precious life can be.

After almost three months, Bucky has become a class mascot and is loved by almost every member of the cohort… except for Mitaka, who keeps getting annoyed with Bucky since the chicken is more popular than her.

Mitaka even argues with Mr. Tanaka about the point of exercising with Bucky, insulting modern society for how everyone reacted to the chainsaw man. However, Mr. Tanaka reveals that Bucky isn’t actually killed, which initially seems to comfort Mitaka, who says she’s in school to learn, not to make friends.

To her surprise, Bucky then jumps into Mitaka’s arms and calls her by name – which shocks the young student since only the class president and Mr. Tanaka know her name. With a sense of inspiration, Mitaka decides to take part in a class game of soccer. Unfortunately, tragedy strikes when Mitaka falls and crushes Bucky on her chest – causing his internal organs to splatter all over her school uniform.

She comes to school the next day and feels even more isolated from her classmates after killing their mascot, but the class president and Mr. Tanaka invite her to visit Bucky’s grave where she can ask for forgiveness.

On the way to the grave, the class president starts scolding Mitaka and shockingly transforms into the Justice Devil – revealing that she had an affair with Mr. Tanaka but became jealous after he showed her special treatment.

The Justice Devil mistreats Mitaka, leaving her to die with horrible injuries; However, Mitaka is at peace knowing that Bucky’s death wasn’t necessarily her fault. She even thinks about how if she had lived a less selfish life, she might have ended up with a boyfriend.

Just before her last breath, a devil appears above her and says if Mitaka wants to live, her body will be theirs. Her body convulses as she transforms into the war fiend as she kills both the class president and Mr. Tanaka – turning their corpses into an arm grenade and spine sword.

As she steps away from the disgusting scene she and the war devil just created, she sees a picture of Chainsaw Man and promises to one day make him vomit nukes again…

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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