Remember that 30 year old nurse who married a 4 year old girl? See Why He Married Her

She is four years old and her husband is 30. Find out why they got married A very strange fact is what you will see in this story: This four year old girl married a 30 year old man who was forced to marry this one Man, how did her parents react to that, did we super intrigue you?

Renee Sales is a woman who was born in New York at a very young age and always had dreams of getting married and having many children. In her senior year of high school, a handsome young man named Nick joined the school she attended, Renee fell in love instantly, but luckily because her love at first sight didn’t just happen to her as soon as the boy walked through the classroom door went, they looked at each other

And he smiled, the young woman blushed and got quite nervous in the break between classes. Nick proved to be a very determined guy in the things he wanted as he approached Renee, sat next to her and started a conversation that didn’t take long after they became friends and it only took two weeks for Nick Renee admitted it and they started

Dating Parents of both believed it was certainly just that infamous summer love but the love they had and the bond they had formed even by wearing rings showed everyone more and more that they loved each other very much, as soon as Nick and Renee graduated from school they decided to go to the same university to stay close. After four years, they were already engaged and couldn’t wait to get done

Their courses because as soon as they got their first job they would get married in a beautiful ceremony, their wish soon came true and within a year they got amazing jobs and were able to get married the way they always dreamed because of the couple love within less Months later, Renee had confirmation that she was pregnant in a pharmacy test, which came back positive

They regularly made all the necessary examinations, and the long-awaited time came faster than they thought. The fruit of their love was called Abby. The responsibility of looking after a child is great, despite the fact that the films preach the opposite, and Nick realized too late that the man felt trapped because he couldn’t go out with his friends like he used to, the baby was crying all the time, as is the case with most newborns and Renee doesn’t

Had as much time to himself as in the old days so he had a big decision Nick filed for divorce saying he couldn’t take it all. Renee was very shaken but she went on with her life knowing how much Abby needed her mother still had no idea that this little girl would need her even more in the future when Abby turned four she started feeling bad to feel, at first her mother thought it was fair

She had a bad flu but that fell apart when she started getting lots of chills, tiredness, dizziness and lots of fever. Seeing no alternative when her symptoms worsened, Renee took Abby to the doctor, performing many detailed tests. The little girl had leukemia. The doctor instructed Renee to take the little girl to the Melody Center, which is a children’s hospital, for treatment. This is something no one should go

Throughout her life, especially as a child, Renee didn’t want to give up her little one easily, so she brought her to the center to begin treatment. Abby’s doctor was faint. Hickling Abby was taking chemotherapy every week and soon the doctor developed a very close bond with the little girl as they left the house one day

Going to the hospital Abby surprised her mother by saying that she wanted to marry a boy. Renee was surprised that her daughter imagined the charming little prince might be a friend from an infirmary or a friend from school, but she was wrong. When asked who he was, her assumptions shocked her when she mentioned that that she was excited to go to the clinic for treatment

Because she was looking forward to marrying Matt, her favorite doctor Renee Abby didn’t answer, but at that moment she started thinking of something very special, as soon as Matt finished treating Abby, the little girl was lying on the bed and as she When she was quiet, Renee felt sleepy that this was the perfect time to ask the doctor if they could talk away from the little one on their own. The man didn’t hesitate and they approached her

In a small private room, Renee said, somewhat embarrassed, that she had an unusual request to make mate, without understanding much, asked her to continue, then Renee told Matt that this was hands down the most unusual request anyone had ever made of you but i want to ask you to marry my daughter matt’s eyes widened in surprise and he had a stunned look on his face which is understandable

Finally this woman in front of him asked a 30 year old man to marry a four year old girl Renee laughed and said it’s not quite what he thinks and continued I’m not sure what’s going through your head at the moment, but that is not so, as you know Abby is very attached to you and I know that when these are the last years of her life she would be very happy to marry the doctor she loves so much

Much Matt laughed with relief, after not understanding very well at first, and was silent for a few minutes, analyzing the situation and thinking about it. It didn’t take long for Matt to smile at Renee and say yes, Matt and all of the hospital staff are willing to do what the little girl’s heart desires and helped set up the role play and the entire wedding party with all the trimmings

On the fateful day of the celebration, all the nurses and doctors prepared everything for the event, they were the ones who organized the decoration of flowers, and even snacks and sweets were reserved for the holiday, while everyone at the hospital organized the ceremony to which the mother The baby’s went to a wedding clothing store and bought a beautiful white dress that the bridesmaid would probably wear to an ordinary wedding

And matt, also dressed, he wore a tuxedo shirt at the start of the ceremony. Abby was being led down the aisle of rose petals by her mother while two nurses acted as her bridesmaids, but it didn’t last long because when the little girl saw Matt she ran over to give him a hug and to make things more realistic, headed dr. Jennifer Pierce announced the wedding by formally saying that we are gathered here at the Melody Center today to witness Matt’s wedding

And Abby during the beautiful ceremony Abby happily asked if you would marry me, Matt replied smiling of course I will marry you as they sealed their vows with a hug and exchanged rings. Everyone applauded as everyone helping with the wedding reception had absolutely everything on their minds. The cart with the words ‘Just Married’ written on it and with cans strapped to its back, Abby appeared in the hallway very surprised and excited

In the car, Matt walked out and walked them through the corridors of the medical center so everyone could see the newlyweds. Abby was presented with a framed photo of her and Matt which was signed by all the staff at the centre, as soon as she took the frame in her hands with a smile she said it was the best day ever after Nurse Lori Chiafardoni shared the video of So posted at a special moment

Ceremony was on her Facebook and garnered a whopping 24 million views. The story of the four-year-old girl with a 30-year-old husband spread quickly and a newscast wasted no time with an interview in which Matt said he was very excited to be a part of such an important moment for the little girl and agreed to be there Being and meeting those special people is a great opportunity because we can create those memories for patients to cherish

Such a good memory might seem like a small gesture, but for the girl it was a dream come true. This was an enchanted dream that made her forget, at least for a few hours, the harsh reality of having to take pills for her treatment, but still had a year and a half of treatment ahead of it, but Matt and all the children’s center staff hoped the memories on this special day for the little one they would keep. Remember that 30 year old nurse who married a 4 year old girl? See Why He Married Her

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