Remembering the Legendary Sci-Fi Effect Douglas Trumbull

Douglas Trumbull

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Douglas Trumbull

On February 8, 2022, news broke that legendary designer, stylist, concept artist, engineer, director and visionary Douglas Trumbull had passed away. He was instrumental in bringing “Star Trek“Opened in theaters in 1979 and was also the creative driving force behind “2001”, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” and “Blade Runner”. Trumbull lived to be 79 years old.

While the world of filmmakers pays tribute to Trumbull by sharing their thoughts and memories of the man who helped shape so many sci-fi stories, the “Star Trek” community reacted. slightly different.

Business lighting

DOUGLAS TRUMBULL – Business Lighting | Star TrekDouglas Trumbull carefully created the visual effects for Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Faced with an unlikely timeline, he and his team completed more compilations in six months than both Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind combined. Watch a rare screening of Star Trek: The Motion Picture’s 35mm print…2016-10-27T17: 02:50Z

For those who worked to create the world of “Star Trek,” both in television and in film, Trumbull was one of those who helped save the franchise. While there have been many citations throughout the years, including Nicholas Meyer, Harve Bennettand a few others, Trumbull stepped onto the stage, which was “The Motion Picture,” and helped save the movie by working to recreate nearly every special effects shot.

This is amazing, especially since the movie has more special effects shots than “Star Wars” and “Close Encounters” combined. Paramount brought Trumbull into the project when director Robert Wise and others realized that the special effects created for the film (using advanced 1970s computers) weren’t challenging enough. Trumbull and his team, with the help of John DykstraThe effects company, completed work in time for “The Motion Picture,” which premiered on December 7, 1979, living up to Paramount’s promise.

Remembering a giant

Current “Star Trek: Picard” Host Terry Matalaswho regularly posts teaser images from the “Picard” series, shared this image. Presumably, there’s a new Starfleet vessel that could appear in Seasons or 3 of “Picard,” named in honor of Trumbull.

Michael Okudawho has played a key role in numerous “Star Trek” shows for his graphic design (among other things), shared a touching photo of William Shatner with Trumbull in 2019. He also pays homage to Trumbull by tweeted that he was “broken” to know that Trumbull has passed. Okuda writes: “He is an artist, a creator and a personal hero.

Writer and journalist Ian Spelling posted tributes to Trumbull on Facebook, thanking him “for helping to transport us to uncharted worlds in the movies where you weave your magic”. Spelling regarding his interview with Trumbull from 2019, published on StarTrek.com.

Probably the best dedication

Perhaps the most meaningful memory is the word Inglorious Treksperts Podcast, shared an interview with Trumbull from 2019 in Las Vegas. Trekspert and the visual effects specialist Daren Dochterman spoke with Trumbull about how the team got involved and started re-creating the special effects for “The Motion Picture”.

“They expected these CGs to work – and they didn’t,” Trumbull told Docterman on the podcast. “We said, ‘Okay. We’ll have to go back, build miniatures, do some tried and true stuff… suck it up. Do what we did for other movies and make it work. ‘ So simpler was better. ”

Dochterman asked Trumbull how to convince Director Bob Wise to remove some scenes for TMP, which had already been filmed.

“They are terrible,” Trumbull said above Skip the Memory Wall scene. “I had a hard time getting the role that I had to take on. I came to save the day, and I know I have been imbued with a conviction that I will make it. And I had to go up to Bob and say, ‘What you shot is really unmatched. ”

“It’s hard to tell another artist,” Trumbull said.

Trumbull admits he was arrogant when he first approached the job on TMP. He thinks that after his work in Stanely Kubrick’s “2001,” a project like “Star Trek” is underneath him.

“No no,” Trumbull said in an interview with the Toronto International Film Festival. “It was a TV show. And it was an extremely challenging project. ”

Thanks to Trumbull’s professionalism, “Star Trek” fans got to see what the Enterprise looked like on the big screen. He gave the effects and ships in the Trek universe the same realism that fans today expect.

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