Rewrite destiny in Valkyrie Elysium

Valkyrie Elysium is an action role-playing game available now for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 and coming to PC on November 11th. It is the newest game in the Valkyrie Profile series of RPGs. The series is known for its dark take on Norse mythology as well as its unique twists on conventional RPG mechanics.

The overarching story of Valkyrie Profiles includes instances of mortals and gods becoming entangled in each other’s worlds – and their wars. Valkyrie Elysium centers on Nora, a new Valkyrie brought forth to stop Ragnarok, the divine struggle tearing the world apart.

Nora recruits the souls of certain mortals called “Einherjar” to aid her in her battles. Nora herself is also equipped with gifts and weapons that make her a fast and deadly opponent on the battlefield.

Nora was created by the ailing Allfather Odin with the sole purpose of saving the world from Ragnarok, a devastating event triggered when the god Loki rebelled against Odin. But Nora’s quest to stop the apocalypse isn’t as easy as it first seems.

As players delve deeper into Valkyrie Profile, Nora uncovers secrets and meets characters that shed light on new paths and different choices. A darkly armored former Valkyrie named Hilde seeks to test Nora’s strength, and Loki himself gives Nora cause for concern about her mission. She has no memories of who she was before Odin turned her into a Valkyrie; How can she know what is wrong and what is right?

Nora walks her life path and finds her destiny according to the player’s choices. Their fates are revealed through multiple endings.
Nora Writes Her Destiny With Fast-Paced Action (And A Few Friends)

In combat, Nora’s strength and agility allow players to rack up combos while mowing down huge waves of fiends. Fighting involves mixing magic with physical attacks, a combination made even stronger by Divine Arts. When found and used, Divine Arts unleash powerful, long-range attacks at the cost of a magical charge.

Nora is even stronger when supported by her einherjar, the souls of warriors pledged to serve her. When summoned, Einherjar fight alongside the Valkyrie using a variety of magic and weaponry—and not all of them are happy to be in Nora’s service. Death does not always erase a mortal’s problems.

Valkyrie Elysium has a dark, ethereal atmosphere that adds weight to Nora’s arduous journey. Players guide Nora and her einherjar through cities and palaces deeply ravaged by Ragnarok, but not all is a wreck. Valkyrie Elysium also shows Nora sprawling fields of flowers and forests covered in fog and thornbushes.

The otherworldly settings of Valkyrie Elysium are inspired by Art Nouveau architecture as well as classic European fantasy mixed with references to Norse mythology. The gods, monsters, and mortals of Valkyrie Elysium are familiar but feature artistic changes and narrative twists that make them distinctive, like Odin’s casually slender and Fenrir’s fiery purple eyes. Players familiar with previous Valkyrie Profile games might feel a tinge of nostalgia.

Valkyrie Elysium is a high-energy action role-playing game for new and old fans of Valkyrie Profile. Combat requires tactical thinking: mindlessly pressing buttons is a one-way ticket to the grave. Effectively defeating the game’s room-sized bosses means balancing Einherjar summons with attacks, magic, and divine arts. The question remains whether Nora will use her talents to serve Odin – or to find and follow her own path. Rewrite destiny in Valkyrie Elysium

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