Riot promises more League of Legends lore events despite the failure of Rise of the Sentinels

Riot announced their “lessons” from Rise of the Sentinels in early 2021, promising players more League of Legends lore events despite Ruination’s debacle. The developers did not directly apologize to the players, but admitted that they “missed the mark”.

League of Legends’ Rise of the Sentinels event Considered the biggest lore event in game history. However, it rushed out of the gate, with players complaining about almost every aspect of the Sentinels of Light’s fight against Viego and Desolation.

As of the July event, Riot has remained silent on the subject ⁠— pushing through the rest of Season 11 before going back to the failed event entering Season 12.

Riot stated in a blog post on December 14 Rise of the Sentinels is “our biggest take on the core Runeterra lore in the League of Ages,” starting at the beginning of Season 11 with devastation and ending with the big game event.

However, the experience was “unsuccessful” in Riot’s words. Visual novel medium, works well for Spirit Blossom Event in 2020, is not the right way to tell the Ruination story, which leads to the crux of the main issues of the event.

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The Rise of the Sentinels event has been heavily criticized by League of Legends players.

“In retrospect, the scope of a global devastation far exceeded what we could deliver in a 5-10 hour visual novel,” says champion producer Ryan ‘Reav3′ Mireles and host. event ’84Slashes’ said.

“Much of the experience comes in the form of dialogue between a handful of characters, which isn’t befitting of a worldwide battle.”

This includes the controversial inclusion of the “rookie” character, who many believe ends the story with just-timed humorous relief —something Riot also addressed in his voiceover. writing and writing in this event.

“Sometimes the story gets serious with very high stakes, but other times it’s comedy hour. This makes it very difficult to get a feel for what Rise of the Sentinels is supposed to be like,” said Riot.

Earning points and progress also leaves players wanting more. Riot forced to fix slow progress with a mission of 600 points per game, which removed all region-specific progress rewards.

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Although Riot admitted that they “missed the mark”, they did not directly apologize to players after the failure of Rise of the Sentinels.

“We designed Rise of the Sentinels so that progress increases on a weekly basis, meaning that hardcore participants will still complete the initial content faster, but casual participants will mostly get caught. in time for us to get to the finale,” the developers explained.

“We ended up patching patches one at a time to dramatically increase the tempo for each game played, which removed the impact of deciding which region to visit first, as well as being based on Evolve around Sentinels to begin with.

“We missed the event adjustment: Even the heavyweights weren’t progressing at the rates we designed.”

Riot also addressed how the story misanalyzes champions, is too complicated to progress, and ultimately has a poor storytelling experience across all products because of inconsistencies, not just events. League of Legends.

However, the studio did not directly apologize to the player, instead admitting “while a lot of things could have been better, we think there are things that have gone well.”

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Riot has promised to have more legendary events about League of Legends, absorbing “lessons” from Rise of the Sentinels.

“We are still excited to launch an event on the same scale as Spirit Blossom, which includes the Ultimate Spellbook, our first new event game mode in years, and the release of our first co-op champion. us on four Riot games at once.”

Riot has reassured players that “legendary events in League of Legends don’t die” — good news for players expecting more later Arcane’s Hit Releases ⁠— and they took the feedback to “do better next time”. Riot promises more League of Legends lore events despite the failure of Rise of the Sentinels

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