Roblox Islands Value List – Price Guide for Selling and Buying Items!

Islands is an extremely detailed Roblox experience that takes inspiration from various non-Roblox games like Minecraft, Animal Crossing and more to offer players a unique sandbox adventure filled with endless fun. In Islands, players can farm, mine and discover different resources and use them to build their dream island paradise, an insanely efficient assembly line factory or even an adorable animal shelter farm – the choice is yours! Players can also accumulate their in-game cash by selling resources, ingredients, items, and more to other island players who are willing to pay the top price.

This buying and selling process is extremely popular on the islands and in a way almost serves as an in-game exchange. However, with prices constantly fluctuating and medians so often falling by hearsay, it can easily become confusing, overwhelming and altogether difficult to maneuver. Luckily, we’ve put together the FAQ below to hopefully help answer some of your questions about the many Iceland value lists, price guides, and more that exist around the web and in the Roblox community.

What is a value list/price list?

Similar to Nookazon, the popular buy and sell website used by Animal Crossing fans worldwide, Island players have Islands price guide, a user-updated and operated-only website created by the popular Islands YouTubers DV Plays. This website allows players to track, update and adjust their own personal prices for any existing island items or materials and connect directly with those they wish to buy or sell.

How does a value list/price list work?

Each time a player uploads an item for sale to the Islands Price Guide website, they can choose the sale price they deem appropriate. Those looking to purchase an item can search for that item by name and then select the item’s name from the results list to see all users who have listed a price for that item. This allows players to see which users have consistently fair prices and which appear to be selling only to make an overpriced quick buck.

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For example, the Barbecue Blueprint was originally listed for $2,000,000 by a user on January 8, 2022. During the rest of January and into February, this price remained constant between $2,000,000 and $50,000,000, oscillating up and down. Then, at the end of February, however, a user decided to list this blueprint for $450,000,000. Since then, the price of this design has ranged from $400,000,000 to $500,000,000. The user who increased this price drastically may not have done so on purpose, but it has completely changed the way future sellers will be listing this item.

The best way to use Islands Price Guide is to find a seller you like, trust and who is consistent and check their listings regularly.

Should I use a value list/price guide?

The answer to that question is really up to you, but in our opinion, and even in the opinion of DV Plays itself, no, you should not rely on or use someone else’s value list/price list to decide what to buy or sell would like . These guides are constantly filled with inflation or have articles that are so underrated that they become irrelevant. With guides like this one changing constantly, sometimes hourly, it becomes impossible to really keep track of which entries are correct and which aren’t.

Instead, it’s best to pay attention to those selling around you and consider what you’d be happy to pay for the item you’re selling or buying. Since there is no set economy on the islands, the price people are willing to pay for items, materials, etc. is constantly changing. You can use a pricing guide, a guide, to do just that, but it’s probably best to make your own pricing judgments when it comes to listing your products or buying from others to ensure you don’t scam people or get scammed.

What should I do if I’m not using a price list/value list?

As mentioned above, pricing guides should be viewed as a basic guideline rather than a set of rules to follow; It’s best to set your own cost based on what you’re comfortable with. Often players overpay for convenience or if the item is difficult to find or tedious to craft. In these cases, the prices will be different for everyone – some will be insanely overcharged, while others will aim to make a profit while staying more reasonable in their offerings. The best way to stay up to date on island values ​​is to consider your own reasons for buying and selling while also browsing a price guide/value and seeing the prices that other people are buying and selling at .

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I want to use a pricing guide, which one should I follow?

The price guide that is most used and updated in the Islands community is DV Plays’ above-mentioned price guide, the Islands Price Guide. While this guide is not necessarily used or set by DV itself, he was the one who created it and made it what it is today. This price guide allows the top sellers in the Islands community to have one place to bid on over 1,000 items and interact with other community members interested in buying them.

Previously, DV Plays created YouTube videos detailing his personal pricing schedule after each Iceland update. However, now DV Plays has completely backed out of creating price guides due to receiving hate, instead sending inquiring fans to its discord or the price guide website when looking for a resource.

What are the Roblox Islands?

Islands is a sandbox-style farming experience similar to Minecraft that allows users to interact with friends, fight enemies and defeat bosses, explore different worlds, collect all kinds of unique furniture, recipes, animals and more, Meet tons of eccentric NPCs and experience any MMO RPG adventure they see fit! With the ability to build your own island from the ground up, the play possibilities in Islands are endless!

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