Russell Brand left the TV show five years ago due to “sexual predator” allegations – and the whole thing was on camera!

Most of us are just now hearing all the allegations of sexual harassment Russell Brand. If you’re not up to date on this, you can read the horrific details from this weekend’s exposé HERE. The crux of the matter is that several women have now submitted stories from the years 2006 to 2013 – including a girl who was just 16 years old at the time. And there are receipts.

Not only does Brand deny any wrongdoing, he also acts like the victim, saying in a pre-emptive video from the weekend that it’s all a “coordinated attack by the mainstream media” because he doesn’t buy into their arguments, blah blah blah . You know, because in the last few years he’s become more and more right-wing, more conspiracy theorists, more anti-vaxxers, etc.

We could reiterate that there is no big press conspiracy and that nothing is that well organized. What has existed are power structures where stories are suppressed to protect corporate money. You know those Opposite of an exposé. Banks don’t want that Jeffrey Epstein Things to get out, stories about Matt Lauer And Harvey Weinstein facing tough battles, that sort of thing.

But we won’t bother. Because the fact is that even the premise is flawed. If this were a coordinated conspiracy with women appearing out of nowhere, there wouldn’t be a trail of slime going back YEARS. And that’s exactly what we have with Brand.

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deadline dropped a bombshell report on Monday that the comedian had already been insulted as a “sexual offender” in a very public forum in 2018. We just never saw it.

That was on one Comedy Central Show called Roast fight, the British version. Brand co-hosted the show along with Comics Katherine Ryan And Jimmy Carr for a single season. And according to the new report, Katherine repeatedly attacked him on camera with jokes about allegations of sexual assault against women. Because the show was about roasting, many of the hits were very personal and below the belt. But the fact that this was a known target area when it came to the brand is so telling. And we have an idea why at this point.

See, Katherine told the documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux In November, there was an “open secret” among women in the industry, and particularly in the British comedy community, about a certain male comedian. She even said others came for this man, but he had “very good lawyers”:

“It is very dangerous for us to have this conversation. I’m glad to have it, but it’s a litigation minefield because a lot of people have tried to nail this person for his alleged crimes, and this person has very good lawyers, so I’m going to put my mortgage on the line by saying “Who is this person or participating in such conversations?”

She added that she was not attacked herself, but that this unnamed person was almost certainly “a perpetrator of sexual assault”:

“It’s not really my story to tell. No one has committed a sexual assault against me, but this person, I firmly believe – many people believe very strongly – is an open secret and a perpetrator of sexual assault.”

Katherine, who is Canadian but has lived and worked in the UK for years, all this started with something she said in a conversation with a fellow comedian last summer Sarah Pascoe on her Prime Video series Backstage with Katherine Ryan:

“I did a show with a person who you and I believe is a predator. It’s such a messy thing because I have no evidence. I lifted it. I called him a predator to his face and in front of everyone every day.”

This led to a lot of guesswork on social media as she narrowed it down to someone she regularly worked with on a show. The people she had since worked with, such as Carr, were eliminated, leaving many British comedy fans only thinking of Russell Brand.

Now we have this new information about Katherine calling Russell Roast fight, Above all. Three sources confirmed this deadline that this happened, and Brand Is the comic she referenced last year. One source said Brand was “absolutely angry” at the time, and two said he demanded producers protect him from his fellow comics’ slurs about his character.

The confrontation was edited out of the show, as he wanted, so – as we said – it was the media that covered it up, not an attempt to make something up. The contrary. Always the opposite. Actually parent company Of highest importance still goes on CYA with the following statement:

“We are aware of the very serious allegations made during the investigation The Sunday Times, The times And broadcasts. Russell Brand was a temporary presenter on MTV and panelist on Comedy Central UK between 2000 and 2012 Roast fight in 2017. We are currently not aware of any reports of misconduct at MTV or Comedy Central, but when reported, they are investigated. The welfare of everyone who works on or contributes to our shows is our top priority and today we have strict due diligence procedures in place for all programs produced for us, including confidential whistleblower lines.”

However, the insiders say: Fulwell 73the production company behind it Roast fightShe was no longer comfortable with Brand being on the show, knowing that such accusations were circulating. He was no longer on the show the next season. As a source explained, it was a dealbreaker that Brand didn’t want to joke about it – on a show where everyone was being teased:

“Contract negotiations were made to be as tricky as possible, to put it best. What it all came down to was that Russell didn’t seem to have a good sense of humor. He didn’t feel like he was fair game.”

Brand has been replaced by Jonathan Ross for Season 2. The audience was none the wiser, but that day things changed. How Hannibal Burress pokes in the Bill Cosby Bubble, Katherine Ryan’s confrontation seemed to have an effect after all. deadline noted that this was the last British show he appeared in, apart from a one-off broadcast Celebrity Bake Off.

In fact, it’s only since then – since a woman speaking out seemingly cost him his television career – that Brand has begun to embrace more extremist views. Hmmm. Almost as if the cause of his downfall wasn’t his views, but his actions before them.

Speaking of which: The allegations are now explicitly costing him work. The next three appointments from him Bipolarization Tour has now been canceled – or rather postponed indefinitely. The organizers said on Monday evening:

“Postponing these few remaining addiction charity events is something we hate to do – but we know you will understand.”

The statement was shared by the Theater Royal Windsor just a day before he was scheduled to perform there. It’s unclear whether this was the venue’s decision or Brand himself, who sought to stay out of the spotlight in light of the allegations.

But at least the televised disappearances appear to be due to allegations — or even fear of impending accusations — that go back years. What do YOU ​​think of this gap in Russell Brand’s defense, Perezcious readers?

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