Separate Ways is a 6-hour reminder that Resident Evil 4 Remake sets the rules

Spoilers for the Resident Evil 4 Remake Separate Ways DLC ahead.

When it comes to new game releases, it seems like 2023 hasn’t given us a chance to breathe. Since we started with the surprise reveal and release of the excellent HiFi Rush already in JanuaryThere has been no slowdown when it comes to AAA, indie and remake games Resident Evil 4 Remake We met two of these categories back in March. And during I loved what Capcom did with one of its most popular games of all timeI had to quickly move on to dealing with topics like Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Tears of the Kingdomand the rest of the 2023 historic list.

That’s why I was so happy about it Separate ways came by recently and gave me a chance to reminisce Resident Evil 4 Remake absolute rules and is one of my favorite games of 2023.

In many ways Separate ways feels like a greatest hits version of RE4 correct. Ada Wong’s six-hour journey makes stops at many familiar locations in the game’s village, castle, and island files, albeit in a remixed and recontextualized form. The difference in her size from Leon Kennedy is rooted in her mechanics – while Leon is out here outsmarting Ganado left and right, Ada uses her grappling hook to quicken the pace of their fight. This athleticism makes her feel different from Leon, even if the verbs are the same.

Zipping to different context points in the level similar to Persona 5 Royal It never gets boring and provides a sense of verticality that changes the way you approach familiar areas. And once you’ve upgraded, you can use the grappling hook to remove shields from enemies, completely changing the way you deal with those particularly frustrating enemies. This makes up for the fact that their arsenal is slightly smaller than Leon’s, although it’s still a joy to run into our old buddy the merchant and discover that he had twice as many customers as I previously thought . A way to diversify this portfolio, traders.

Because Ada always knows the next step in her mission, her campaign is less scary than the already not-so-scary ones RE4 right, but Separate ways makes up for this with its brevity. No segment ever overstays its welcome, and the pace at which it throws combat, exploration, bosses, set pieces and puzzles at us is refreshing. While I could have used a few more of the latter, I really enjoyed these new fiendish and completely impractical puzzles that are a staple of the game RE Franchise as a whole.

And while I’m not one of those people who likes to judge a game based on a prescribed value of length and cost, the fact that this game lasts six hours isn’t a problem Resident Evil 4 Remake The campaign only costs $10 and is undeniably a great deal. Especially considering the 2020s Resident Evil 3 Remake was a full price game of similar length.


And even more so when I got to the end Separate ways, I was left with a tantalizing taste from Capcom of what might come next. Obviously we’re going to get a decent one Resident Evil 9, most likely following Rose and Chris. And while there’s no way this remake train is going to stop, we’re not entirely sure about the next step. Both Resident Evil 1 Remake And RE zero Visually they hold up very well thanks to the pre-rendered backgrounds, although the latter could probably use a refresh due to the lack of item boxes and the fact that you just drop shit across the map. But the classic game that makes the most sense – outside just do it Dino crisisout of love for God – would be Code Veronica. Assuming it’s far away the best-selling main game in the franchiseit feels like it has the most room to surprise a whole new audience.

Since the Dreamcast game ends with Wesker getting his hands on Steve Burnside’s corpse, there’s also a parallel to the ending of this new installment Separate ways and his possession of Krauser’s body. Maybe Wesker is assembling an army of well-known super soldiers? Which would lead us to the next possible path Capcom takes, which is to reveal the vilified Resident Evil 5 And 6 will do. Perhaps it might help to mulligan these two missteps and take another stab at their ever-expanding stories to find a coherent path to the present RE we know about 7 And 8th.

Regardless of what Capcom does next, I’m glad they’re nailing everything that surrounds them Resident Evil 4 Remake. From the excellent first demo, to the game itself, to this final DLC campaign, I’m extremely impressed with how well the whole thing turned out and would highly recommend it.

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