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The monster-taming RPG Coromon wears its Pokémon inspiration on its sleeve and aims to offer the nostalgic classic Pokémon experience reminiscent of the Gameboy days. Exploring the world of Coromon and discovering everything it has to offer is truly a joy and brings back many fond memories of early Pokémon.

Not just a clone

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It’s easy to look at Coromon and assume it’s just a copy of Pokemon, but that’s far from true. Coromon strives to recreate classic Pokémon gameplay with modern features and succeeds in doing so. This is reflected in the wealth of customization options. You can choose your difficulty level, toggle features on and off, and even create the famous Nuzlocke mode from Pokémon.

Coromon’s art shines especially in his monster designs. Each has a distinct personality in their animation that can be seen in battle or in your database. The World Around You also features charming pixel art and even has humorous emojis for the characters and Coromon.

Two game-changing systems for the monster taming genre are the potential system and titan battles. The potential system allows you to customize your Coromon’s power and is easier to understand than Pokemon IVs and EVs. Last but not least, Titan battles replace the fitness system and offer a really challenging boss fight to test your skills.

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A few steps too short

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While there are many commendable attributes of Coromon, there are some shortcomings. Coromon offers many combat and gameplay customization options, but it seems to be missing some basic features. This is because certain aspects of the game could be sped up and are currently slowing down the pace of the game.

One of the slowest parts of Coromon is transitioning into and during combat. With so many customization options, there should be an option to speed up battles. Instead, you’ll have to get through each animation, including your character throwing a spinner to collect your Coromon. After watching the same animation and transition 100 times, you’ll get tired of it.

That brings us to the attack animations themselves. While they look great, they’re easy as something spawns in front of your Coromon or on top of the enemy Coromon. The Coromon themselves don’t actually have an attack animation that shows personality in their animations and design.

Finally, the game can be a grind, especially when facing off against the titans. Before you face the first Titan, you can easily reach it below the level and you have to grind it. The problem is that every wild Coromon you encounter is so low level that you hardly gain any experience. With so many options to customize the game, some form of EXP release outside of the Lazy Gem or a way to speed up growth would be handy.

advantages disadvantage
Well designed monsters. Combat and transitions can be slow.
Loads of difficulty levels and gameplay options. Attack animations are basic.
The potential system is great. Kind of a grind.
Titan fights are a thrill.
Classic Pokemon nostalgic.

Conclusion – Buy

Coromon is an amazing modern monster taming game that takes you back in time to the early Pokémon games. It offers many customization options for players of all types to tailor the game to their desired playstyles. A few gameplay missteps don’t take away from the thrill of finding new Coromon and becoming the best research fighter ever.

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