Splatoon 3 Roller – Best Uses and Weaknesses

In Splatoon 3, there are multiple weapon types to master and wreak havoc. Probably the best and most sophisticated choice is the scooter. This mammoth weapon requires a strong hand to wield and an even stronger mind to master. If you’re ready for a challenging but rewarding experience, then look no further.

Splatroon 3 reel strengths

The roller is not a weapon for direct combat. Instead, it’s a weapon designed to win the game of turf wars by painting surfaces quickly and efficiently. It’s more of a support weapon meant to win the war rather than a few battles. In fact, sneaking into enemy territory is a great way for the Roller to quickly cover the backfield and turn things in your team’s favor.

  • Great for quickly covering large areas.
  • Can easily hit opponents with one shot by rolling them over.
  • Depending on the reel, there are multiple evil support options ranging from curling bombs to car bombs.

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Splatoon 3 scooter weaknesses

When it comes to actual combat, players must plan ahead if they want to get a kill. When suddenly one or two enemies appear, it is very difficult to react and survive. Part of this is due to the reel’s inability to spin quickly and its short range. It’s comparable to a shotgun in shooter titles. However, due to the hints’ low health, it can be difficult to close the gap and take advantage of this powerful paint splatter.

  • range is missing.
  • Not quick to turn or adjust.
  • Difficult to respond to an ambush.

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role weapons

  • Splat Roller (Level 1)
    • curling bomb: A bomb that travels in a straight line and colors the ground before exploding. It also bounces off walls! You can adjust the time it takes to detonate by holding R.
    • Big bubbler: Place this device at your feet to protect yourself with a large, spherical barrier. This bubble blocks outside ink attacks, but cannot prevent opponents from entering themselves. Damage to the top section or internal device will cause the barrier to rupture more quickly.
  • Carbon Roller (Level 6)
    • car bomb: A bomb that automatically searches for opponents. It will look for enemies in the area you throw it in and if it finds one, it will automatically move towards them. If it gets close to an opponent, it will stop and explode.
    • zipcaster: Transform into an inked acrobat and swing your stretchy arm to dash across the battlefield! Use R to aim and stick to walls. You can still use your main weapon with ZR as usual. When your ink runs out, your transformation ends and you super jump back to your starting position.
  • Dynamo Reel (Level 12)
    • sprinkler: A device that attaches to the floor or walls and sprays ink. It works at full power as soon as you place it, but gradually weakens. You can only place one at a time.
    • tactical cooler: Provides a fridge with drinks that improve some of your abilities for a short time. There are four drinks but you can only have one – the rest is for sharing! You’ll lose the buff if you get splashed while the drink is in effect, but you’ll respawn immediately.
  • Flingza Roller (level 20)
    • ink refill: A trap you set on the ground. When an enemy approaches, it activates and marks that enemy. It also activates when inked by an opponent. You can place two at the same time.
    • Tenta Missiles: Press ZR to fire missiles at all enemies within your crosshairs. As you lock onto multiple enemies, the number of missiles hitting each target will change.

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